Faux Left feign outcry at Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Party leader follows Labour Party Policy
Labour Party leader follows Labour Party Policy

Labour Party leader follows Labour Party Policy

The faux Left feign outcry at Jeremy Corbyn for nothing more than saying he would carry out Labour Party Policy and see the result of the 2016 referendum complied with in accordance with the Labour Party manifesto and the composite motion of the 2018 Labour Party conference.

Give it a rest, please!

It has always been Labour Party Policy to respect the result of the Referendum, we have our own Brexit policy and in the event of a General election, we would pursue that policy.

There is nothing shocking about this anyone suggesting the labour party is the party of remain and reform must have missed Corbyn on the Marr show telling the world

“We were the Party of remain and reform but that ship has sailed.”

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There is an element of the remain camp that can only be described as extremist. They are turning their attacks on both the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn. I suppose it is wrong to call them faux Left, there is nothing Left about them.

This element is using the headlines from the Guardian article as an excuse. The headline claims if a General election were to be called and the Labour Party gained victory then Jeremy Corbyn would negotiate the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Labour Party forums on social media are full of post linking the article it’s headline reads:

Corbyn: Brexit would go ahead even if Labour won a snap election

Maybe they should have read the Labour Party manifesto there is nothing new in Corbyn’s statement. Only last week in front of the entire European Socialist Corbyn outlined Labour’s Brexit strategy.


Social media backlash from extreme remainers.

The response to the Guardian article can be seen on many social media forums, remainers posting attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party with words to the effect “I have been a Jeremy Corbyn supporter BUT…..I can no longer support a Party that backs Brexit!
The most shocking thing is the fact they pretend we are the Party of remain. FYI that’s the Lib Dems.

You would also be right in thinking the Labour Party have never hidden the fact they would deliver on the results of the referendum. While not being the first choice the Party fully respect the result of the referendum and would be given the opportunity to deliver Brexit.


Not unlike the Tory Party who in the main also backed staying in the EU. The Tory Party whom now as in the referendum is lead by an avid remainer. Remembering that fact you must realise it is not the Tory Party’s first choice but at least they are clever enough to understand their political future depends on the successful delivery of Brexit of which they are falling dramatically.

Keir starmer accepted the result of the referendum on behalf of the Labour party.

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People should really ask themselves why the conservatives are still leading in the poll’s when this government is in all probability the worst government since Margaret Thatcher laid her handbag on the dispatch box ready to dictate the demise of the unions and the working class.

Maybe it is the fact that ⅔ of labour members seem to refuse to accept the referendum and still two years down the line are trying to find any excuse to qualify their staunch position.

At no time as the Labour Party ever stated after the result of the referendum that it would not take us out of the EU.

From 2016 to this moment in time the Labour party’s position has been to respect the result of the referendum. The Labour Party have set out their own priorities and agenda to implement Brexit the policy is fully documented in the 2017 Labour Party manifesto. The same Labour Party manifesto that all Labour Party Parliamentary members were elected on. At no time as that policy changed.

It has continually been reasserted in countless interviews and speeches and again in the 2018 conference speech made by Jeremy Corbyn. So why the fuss?

You would be forgiven for thinking this was yet another social media orchestrated a campaign to attack Corbyn and knowing the people behind the so-called people’s vote you could be right!

The fact is that some of the remain camp and by all means, not the majority but definitely an influential cable have a prime priority, that priority has been in place since Corbyn was first elected and we all know it is to remove Jeremy Corbyn.

Unfortunately for the remain camp, they are tainted with that Cabul. It consists of the leading organisation and its directors. Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair, Roland Rudd, Chuka Umunna with their public mouthpiece Alastair Campbell.

Yes, you guessed it all New Labour and Blair’s cronies. All willing to bring down the Labour Party to stop Jeremy Corbyn from making changes that could bring about real progress to the working class.

“Tony Blair says stopping Brexit more important than Labour winning next election”

It is the remainers that are unaware that I really feel for they are being used to leverage Corbyn’s demise as Party leader for the sake of selfish interest.

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Somewhere along the line, the remain camp will have face the fact we are leaving the EU.

In or out of the EU people in the UK are still homeless and going hungry millions living below the poverty lines as yet the only guy who will and can do something about that is Jeremy Corbyn.

I will be blunt remove Corbyn and all hope is gone!

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