Don’t Believe the Hype: Corbyn Not Forming New Party

Corbyn fake news
Rumour Mill or Smear Campaign? The Unsubstantiated Claims About Corbyn's New Party

The Anatomy of a Smear: Dissecting the Jeremy Corbyn New Party Hoax

Various media outlets, including ‘The London Economic,’ ‘Guido Fawkes,’ and ‘GB News,’ are circulating a baseless rumour suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn is in the process of establishing a new political party. It’s crucial to clarify that this claim appears to be a false flag, potentially carrying severe consequences for Corbyn within the Labour Party.

It’s evident this is just the latest attempt by Corbyn’s enemies to undermine the former Labour leader and give Keir Starmer an excuse to expel him. Don’t fall for it.

Supporters should view these claims sceptically. They are baseless gossip and innuendo meant to weaken Corbyn’s already precarious position within Labour.

These right-leaning publications seem to be actively fanning the flames of this false narrative. Such speculation could have severe consequences for Corbyn within Labour by providing justification for his expulsion from the party.

Under Labour rules, even the mere suggestion by Corbyn of founding a new party could constitute grounds for automatic exclusion. Those spreading this rumour are likely aware of this fact.

Rather than supporting Corbyn’s cause, these outlets seem intent on exploiting rumour and suspicion to undermine his already precarious position within Labour. Their motivation appears to be creating conditions favourable for Keir Starmer to force out the former leader.

Corbyn and his allies have given no indication of plans to establish a separate party. The veteran socialist remains committed to advancing his democratic socialist agenda from within Labour, not outside it, if and when Starmer’s Labour select a new candidate for North Islington Corbyn will have a choice, stand down or stand as an independent.

Jeremy Corbyn has had the whip removed at Sir Keir Starmer’s leisure. Starmer has stated he will not allow Jeremy Corbyn to stand again as a Labour candidate for north Islington. However, Starmer has no grounds to expel Corbyn.

Corbyn betrayal
The Judas Doctoring

Corbyn indicating his position in any way will gift Starmer an open goal and allow him to auto-expel his former boss.

Supporters must see through the agenda behind these fabricated claims. Like Mark Twain’s famous quip about exaggerated rumours of his death, reports of Corbyn founding a new party have been greatly exaggerated.

False Flags and Fabrications: The Unfounded Claims

The media outlets spreading this hearsay offer no concrete evidence, only rumour and innuendo. Voters should beware third-hand gossip masquerading as news, especially when it seemingly aims to divide the left.

According to OpenDemocracy The website, the London Economic, was investigated for other similar cases of alleged ‘reputation laundering’ following investigation by openDemocracy.

The London Economic claims to be “independent”. It is owned by a venture capital firm and chaired by a former oil and gas executive with links to the Conservative Party, and boasts of promoting a “kinder, more compassionate politics”.

But multiple sources in the PR industry have told openDemocracy they have been involved in paying the London Economic to publish favourable articles about wealthy clients. They said the aim in each case was to “push down” negative publicity on Google rankings.

The London Economic is one of more than 20 online publications identified by openDemocracy that have hosted flattering pieces touting the achievements or credentials of businesspeople, oligarchs and companies that have experienced scrutiny or negative publicity in the past.

Often the sites publish very similar stories to each other, with hyperlinks to similar positive reports creating a web of self-reinforcing coverage. They are also designed to splash out disinformation. It seems it is no coincidence ‘The London Economic‘ backlink to this story is GB News along with the Guido Fawkes it seems their intentions are not telling the news but spewing misinformation.

Laura Pidcock took to ‘X’ to cush the rumours: Have been sent this, as much as I love him, it’s not true that I am starting a new party with @jeremycorbyn.

Until Corbyn himself states intent to form a new party, claims otherwise should be considered bald-faced misinformation. Progressives must unite against such underhanded tactics to splinter Labour by promoting disinformation. Corbyn’s supporters should stand with him against this transparent attempt to weaken the left.

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