Comedy Gold: Zelensky Rents Out His Italian Luxury Villa to Russians For 50,000 Euros While Urging EU to Curb Visas for Russians

Not sure how this sits with the statement from Boris Johnson saying: We’re paying higher bills – Ukraine is paying in blood. , it seems only the working class are making that sacrifice.

The Italian news outlet, Il Tirreno, is said to be in possession of documents proving that the 54-year-old woman that stayed at Zelensky’s villa was of Russian descent.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has rented his luxury villa in Tuscany to Russians for the month of August, Italian newspaper Il Tirreno reported on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Zelensky has called on EU leaders to deny visas to Russian tourists.

A Russian couple with a London address have rented the villa for the month of August, paying the princely sum of €50,000 ($50,237), the newspaper reported. The villa, located in the seaside town of Forte dei Marmi, was bought by Zelensky for four million euros while the Ukrainian leader was still an actor, the report added.

Photos posted on social media by the couple confirmed that they were staying in Zelensky’s property, Il Tirreno stated.

Zelensky Villa
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s villa in Italy

Corriere Della Serra, another Italian newspaper, contacted the realtor managing the property, who said that “The tenants weren’t Russian, but I can’t say more because privacy prevents me.” However, the paper said that the tenants are likely of Russian origin, “but have long since had their residence and perhaps English citizenship.”

Back in March, Zelensky specifically called on the Italian government to “block all [Russian] real estate, accounts and yachts, from the Scheherazade to the smallest ones,” referring to a 140-meter (460 ft) superyacht allegedly belonging to a wealthy Russian individual that was moored at the Italian port of Marina di Carrara, according to RT News.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, all flights between Russia and EU have been halted. On Wednesday, a bilateral visa facilitation agreement between the EU and Russia was also suspended by the bloc. Due to the suspension of the agreement, the number of EU visas for Russians has been limited. Although, the travel between the two regions is not eliminated entirely.

Not sure how this sits with the statement from Boris Johnson saying: We’re paying higher bills – Ukraine is paying in blood. , it seems only the working class are making that sacrifice.

Let’s hope the rent goes to the war effort.

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