Christmas really did come to leave voting Sunderland: Nissan makes U.K. European HQ


A Boost for Britain! Nissan says car making in Europe will be centred at its Sunderland plant

Brexit voters are, of course, mostly fools who don’t know what is good for them – in contrast to all those Remain voters with their degrees and analytical skills. But none are so dim-witted as those in Sunderland who, like turkeys voting for Christmas, chose a course of action which will inevitably lead to them losing their jobs at the city’s Nissan plant. Or so the story goes.

However, it turns out that Sunderland’s Nissan workers are defiantly not quite so stupid as the remainers constantly portrayed them neither are the people in Leave-voting areas who put democracy to the test over the economic status quo. The words “Turkeys voting for Christmas” have been constantly used to patronise the overwhelming leave supporting working-class and none more so than Nissan workers in Sunderland. But for these workers, Christmas came early and not a Turkey insight.

It’s been revealed that the company is to close its EU plants and transfer production to Sunderland instead, raising its UK output from 350,000 to 400,000 vehicles a year. The Micra, which is currently manufactured in a Renault plant in France, would move to Britain, while its van plant near Barcelona would be closed.

Nissan’s announced it will centre European production at its UK plant in Sunderland is a very welcome announcement to thousands of U.K. workers and the extended workforce the auto-industry indirectly employs. However, the closure of its Barcelona factory is not one we can take pleasure in.

The move to streamline the business came as the firm said it had sunk into the red for the first time since the financial crash.

Employees of the Japanese carmaker set fire to tyres outside the Catalonia site, which is to close – threatening the loss of 3,000 jobs.

The company is also to shut its factory in Indonesia.

The announcement came as Nissan said it had sunk into the red for the first time since the financial crash, following four years of tumbling profits.

“We have more than three decades of history in Europe, where Nissan created the crossover segment and took the lead in the roll-out of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Market uncertainty created in the interest of the few.

For over Four years a continuous campaign has been run by national newspapers on the Pro-remain side suggesting that the U.K’s exit from the EU would result in the collapse of British Auto-manufacturing along with tens of thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly employed by manufacturers like Nissan. Newspapers like the Guardian, Independent and Observer have fed into a frenzy of misinformation helping to create real uncertainty within a fragile economy undergoing a transition while portraying their Liberal agenda as socialist dogma. They used project fear to heard opinion away from the democratic result and into maintaining the status quo.

Nissan’s post-Brexit plan exposes the limits of Project Fear

Ross Clark points out in The Spectator: “Arch-Remainers were not wrong to pick up on this as a potential cost of Brexit. But their error has been to assume that a hard Brexit would involve production draining away from Britain and towards the EU. What they ignore is that Britain is not just a producer of cars, it is a very large market for them, too. Indeed, German car-makers have called Britain ‘Treasure Island’, as it is a particularly profitable market.”

Remainers, predicting catastrophic job losses in Britain’s manufacturing sector as a result of Brexit. Major manufacturers like Airbus, Honda and Nissan, they said, would be unable to cope with tariffs being slapped on imported parts and on exported vehicles, and so factories would simply shut down.

But since it has become clear that the government is actually intent on pressing ahead with Brexit, and that the game is up for pro-Remain capitalists pushing for Brexit to be softened or overturned, many of the dire warnings have been tempered, if not reversed entirely.

Airbus, once one of the shrillest proponents of Project Fear, in February made clear it was committed to maintaining its UK operations. And this is before the trade talks with the EU have even begun.

Newspapers should take some responsibility for playing on the uncertainty of Brexit. Project Fear has been a cornerstone of propaganda, a weapon continually used by the media to herd the public into a consensus agreeable to them, scare-mongering about the auto industry and loss of car manufacturing in the UK has been front and centre of the Brexit debate. Nissan has been continually used as the example the pro-remain newspapers like the Guardian and independent constantly regurgitated outlandish headlines based on opinion and not fact. The article’s expressing massive job losses in the thousands, extending to tens of thousands with supply train losses. They expressed how the country ‘COULD’ come to a standstill if ‘Just in time processes’ were disrupted. a process they seem to know very little about but use to add credibility to their opinion. It seems Nissan has contradicted the many misleading articles by making Sunderland the headquarters of Nissan Europe.

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