Boris Johnson: The Boy Who Would Be King Dishing Out Titles For All The Family

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson nominates his father for a knighthood

Boris Johnson nominates his father for a knighthood

Once again, we find ourselves confronted with a display of privilege and elitism that is all too common in our political system.

I speak, of course, of Boris Johnson’s decision to nominate his father for a knighthood This move is a slap in the face to the very idea of democracy, and it demonstrates a total lack of respect for the millions of ordinary people who struggle every day just to make ends meet, never mind jocky family members into a position of rank and entitlement. It’s pure nepotism, a morbid symptom of a corrupt system.

As a schoolboy, it’s claimed Boris Johnson told contemporaries he wanted to be “world king.” well he certainly pushing his family into obtaining noble titles.

This is yet another example of the cronyism and self-serving attitude that has come to define this government.

Let me be clear: this is not a personal attack on Stanley Johnson. He may be a fine man, and he may have accomplished much in his life. Then again he might be completely opposite and carry no virtues worth a mention. I’ll leave the personal attacks to the Red Tops. But the issue here is not about him as an individual. It is about the principle of fairness and the integrity of our political system.

A knighthood is not some trivial title that can be handed out to just anyone. It is a recognition of someone’s service to the country and their contributions to society. It’s debatable what Stanley Johnson has done to earn this kind of recognition other than being simply the father of a former Prime Minister who has used his position to try and elevate his own family.

Those in favour could pull on the fact Stanley Johnson was a former Conservative Party politician who served as a Member of the European Parliament. That he is a former employee of the World Bank and the European Commission but let’s face it, that was over 40 years ago and I’m pretty sure those things don’t automatically qualify you for a peerage.

But the reality is this is yet another Blatant display of nepotism by Boris Johnson, having got away with elevating his brother, Jo Johnson to the other house, for no other reason than being his brother, wanting grace and favour for his old man, a titled family of Lords and knights.

The message is clear: if you are part of the inner circle, then you will be rewarded, regardless of your qualifications, experience, or dedication to public service.

The honours system is meant to recognise individuals who have made significant contributions to society, who have shown selflessness and dedication in their work. It is not meant to be a tool for rewarding the friends and family of those in power, or for bolstering the egos of politicians seeking to curry favour with their own.

Meanwhile, ordinary working-class people continue to struggle to make ends meet. We are facing an unprecedented crisis with the cost of living rising, wages stagnating, and our public services being dismantled by this government. The priorities of Boris Johnson and his wealthy friends could not be more different from the struggles that the rest of us face.

This is a government that is constantly cutting taxes for the rich, while cutting funding for our NHS, schools, and social care. It is a government that is more interested in helping their friends in big business than in helping the millions of people who are struggling to get by.

This nomination shows the corruption of a system that is well past its sell-by date. Grace and favour appointments are nothing more than a form of cronyism, pure and simple. It’s a way for those in power to reward their friends and allies with cushy jobs and in this case family.

When you have people in positions of authority handing out these kinds of appointments, it opens the door wide for corruption and abuse of power. After all, if you’re not chosen based on merit or qualifications, but simply because of who you know, what’s to stop you from using your position to line your own pockets or do favours for your friends, you only have to look at the batch of Labour MPs that were elevated to the House of Lords by the conservatives all anti-Corbyn all played their part in stopping a left-wing government.

Working class people not only struggle in life, but they also struggle to gain representation in our political system. This kind of cronyism only exacerbates the problem, making it even harder for ordinary people to have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

We cannot let this continue. We must demand better from our political leaders. We must call for an end to cronyism and corruption, and we must fight for a more transparent and accountable political system. Only then can we build a society that truly represents the interests of all its citizens, not just the privileged few.

In solidarity, Paul Knaggs, Labour Heartlands.

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