Blairites tell Corbyn ‘Do as we say, not as we do’

David Miliband accuses Jeremy Corbyn of trying to 'wreck' Keir Starmer's leadership with claim Labour staff sabotaged 2017 election

Can the right of the Labour Party sink any lower? David Miliband has accused Jeremy Corbyn of trying to “wreck” Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership in an escalation of Labour’s bitter civil war.

Mr Corbyn, alongside former shadow chancellor John McDonnell and seven other former shadow ministers, have accused party staff of deliberately scuppering the 2017 election due to factional differences.

The comments came as part of a submission to an internal inquiry into the leaking of a 860-page dossier which alleged some Labour officials had intentionally starved target seats of funds.

The submission, accused a group of staffers of setting up a “shadow operation” to sabotage Mr Corbyn’s chances of becoming prime minister, saying claims about the use of funds should be investigated by the inquiry to establish “whether it may have constituted fraudulent activity”.

The claims are strongly denied by the members of staff identified in the report, with some now suing the Labour Party for data breaches and libel.

It takes some brass neck to claim Corbyn is the wrecking ball, what about truth, honour and justice?

The Blairites have no sense of justice neither do they want accountability and they definitely do not want transparency. They just want the so-called #Labourleaks report to disappear, to be swept under the carpet.

The hypocrisy in Millabands outcry is that for five very long years, the centrist within the Labour Party have worked harder to oppose and undermine Jeremy Corbyn than they have in opposing the Tory Government or representing the very people who this Party was created for.

The report realised in April revealed a catalogue of Whatsapp messages the leaked dossier shows Labour Party officials worked against Corbyn in a bid to lose 2017 general election. An election that less than 3000 votes would have meant a very different outcome for Jeremy Corbyn the Labour Party and the country.

David Miliband talks about moving on, forgetting about what could have been as if it was just an incident, one of those things, a chance not taken or a road not travelled. It was not this was a conspiracy to stop a Left-leaning government taking power, to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime minister.

The reality is and cannot be denied, Jeremy Corbyn could well have been Prime Minister for the last three years had it not been for those staffers those Labour Party officers outed in the #LabourLeaks, Just think: NHS fully funded, Public services given back to the public, Homelessness eradicated, Child poverty gone.

Instead, we are seeing the largest transfer of public money in history a country’s wealth going into the hands of the Private sector under the cover of the coronavirus pandemic, our money going to prop up an already collapsing system. It could have been used to invest in a sustainable Britain, infrastructure a new green deal, kickstarting manufacturing allowing us to produce our own PPE equipment for the NHS instead of waiting and competing for goods from China over 8,000 miles away.

The Labour Party is unrecognisable has a Party for the working class or the advancement of Socialism, Democracy or other.

From the day the PLP carried out a coup on Corbyn, all hope of socialism died, The establishment could breathe easily, the right of the Labour Party would never allow a Left-wing government.

It was the Monday Morning after both the referendum result and David Cameron standing down has Prime minister. Labour should have at that point stood firm, showing the country how a Left-wing Party could in solidarity lead the country through the next few years of stormy waters. The predominantly ‘Remain’ centrist that participated in this coup would have had a more amicable divorce from the EU then what their fanatical attempts to overturn the referendum result has produced.

Instead, the centrist PLP carried out the #Chickencoup an attempt to remove the elected leader of the Labour Party, bringing about one of the worst moments of political disarray in British history.

The timeline for this planned coup came in this sequence,

  • Thursday 23 June 2016 EU referendum
  • Leave wins, David Cameron stands down
  • Saturday 25th Hilary Benn plot against Jeremy Corbyn was published
  • Monday 27th First resignations Labour shadow frontbench
  • Tuesday 28th vote of no confidence.
  • Wednesday, the country and both major major parties leaderless
coup plotters Jeremy Corbyn
Coup plotters and participants Jeremy Corbyn

Thursday 23 June 2016 EU referendum, Morning 24th June, results, Leave wins, David Cameron stands down, The fireworks began at 9.59pm on Saturday 25th when an article outing Hilary Benn as the chief plotter against Jeremy Corbyn was published by the Observer.

Followed by The first to break cover Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey, two experienced backbenchers, who tabled a motion of no confidence in Corbyn to be discussed at a meeting of the parliamentary Labour party on Monday. Within hours, about 10 Labour MPs said publicly that they would back it, though there was no need to declare given it was a secret ballot.

Monday morning 27th June 2016 resignations begin and the Chicken Coup starts. One of those actively involved was none other than the present leader of the Labour party Sir Keir Starmer. Ironically anyone virtue signalling the importance of loyalty and unity should bear that in mind.

The Labour Party carried out a vote of no-confidence and after some legal wranglings concerning Party rules a Leadership campaign ensued, one with Jeremy Corbyn back on the Ballot for Labour Leadership.

While Labour carried out its very public civil war the coup potters had given the Tory’s time to recover and regain their position, While both Party’s waged internal battles it was Labour who looked the worst of the two, Labour’s polling and public trust perception had fallen lower than the Tory Party’s the Party that had brought the U.K. into this most period of turmoil.

The coup failed, Corbyn was overwhelmingly reelected.

The result was announced on 24 September 2016Jeremy Corbyn won the election with 313,209 votes, increasing his share of the vote from 59.5% to 61.8% compared with the result of the 2015 leadership election, and receiving some 62,000 more votes than in 2015.

Corbyn was re-elected but the PLP still refused to get behind him unless of course, it was to proverbially stab him in the back or as Jess Phillips once infamously said she would ‘knife Corbyn in the front’

However, the next challenge Corbyn faced was the early call of the 2017 general election. This election witnessed a virtual one-man show Corbyn did what he did best he spoke truth to power driving what is now looked on as one of the most inspiring democratic election campaign in British history, while all the time the slow coup was still taking place. Labour MPs refused to campaign with on Labour’s name, dissociating themselves with the Party claiming Corbyn was toxic. My local Labour MP had pulled me to one side expressing Corbyn’s connection with the IRA, he did this knowing I had served in N.I. during the troubles. although a little shocked at a Labour MP repeating right-wing propaganda my reply was that if Corbyn did talk to the IRA during the troubles, he no doubt would have done more good talking than I did walking the streets of Belfast with a gun.

The truth shall set you free

Now we find what many had suspected, not only were some Labour MPs hoping that Corbyn and the Party would lose the election but that Party officials were working inside to lose the election. They worked to sabotage the democratic vote of the British people.

Anti-Corbyn tactics 

Among the anti-Corbyn tactics evidenced in the report it was found that resources were channelled to candidates associated with the right wing of the party. 

Some staff members were also accused of “coming into the office and doing nothing for a few months” during the election campaign.

The report says hostile staff created a chat so they could pretend to work while actually speaking to each other, with one participant stating that “tap tap tapping away will make us look v busy”.

Election night 

An election night chat log shows that 45 minutes after the exit poll revealed that Labour had overturned the Conservative majority, one senior official said the result was the “opposite to what I had been working towards for the last couple of years”, describing themselves and their allies as “silent and grey faced” and in need of counselling.

Another said: “We have to be upbeat and not show it”, while a third told the group that “everyone needs to smile”, describing the result as “awful”. 

Another very senior party official said it was going to be “a long night”.

This should not be an internal investigation this should be a criminal investigation. This entire process has undermined public confidence in our democracy. If this was any other country any other Party any other leader there would be an outcry and people demanding an independent electoral enquiry

David Miliband talks about moving on, forgetting about what could have been! For all the people that voted Labour in 2017, for all the members that campaigned and attended the massive rallies for that moment of hope, we demand justice transparency and accountability, only then and maybe will we move on.

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