Yellow vests first incidents during mobilizations in paris and in the provinces

Yellow vests once again gathered in Paris.
Yellow vests once again gathered in Paris. (Reuters)

Several gatherings of yellow vests are held everywhere in France for the act 8 of the movement. The majority of the demonstrations are taking place for the moment in the peace even if some incidents broke out in Paris.

In sharp decline in recent weeks, the Yellow Vests had called to revive the mobilization through an act 8 this Saturday. Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon … For this first mobilization of the year 2019, the protesters gathered around the symbolic places of the big cities, insensitive to the concessions of the executive and to the great national debate which must take place. open in mid-January. In Paris, two main actions were declared to the prefecture – a first – and take place rather in peace despite some clashes between police and protesters.

Some clashes in Paris

In Lyon, a hundred yellow vests found themselves in front of the former Brotteaux station, according to an AFP journalist. In Bordeaux, more than a thousand people gathered at the beginning of the afternoon on the Place de la Bourse, along the Garonne. In Grenoble, there were more than 300 yellow vests in a park downtown late morning. At the station Sedan, protesters were introduced on the tracks, interrupting traffic less than half an hour Saturday morning around 8 am, we learned from the prefecture of the Ardennes.

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In Rouen, between 1,000 and 2,000 people, including families and teenagers, marched shouting “Macron resignation”. In Beauvais, the police fired Saturday noon tear gas grenades to prevent about 600 protesters to enter the center of Beauvais. In Marseilles, some 500 yellow vests wandered through the city center to the sound of foghorns and whistles, while 1,000 to 2,000 people gathered in Caen.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

In Paris, from the Champs-Elysees, they are nearly 4,000, according to a police source, to head to the National Assembly. First clashes erupted in the early afternoon. On the banks of the Seine, near the Hôtel de Ville, protesters threw projectiles at the police, who responded with tear gas and received the reinforcement of CRS. Other incidents took place on a Leopold-Sédar-Senghor footbridge near the National Assembly. The parade had gone smoothly up until then.

Several media targeted

The demonstrators also stopped in front of the AFP headquarters in Paris, chanting in particular slogans hostile to the media, but without violence. In Marseille, yellow vests have demonstrated in front of the headquarters of La Provence . Its owner, Bernard Tapie had proposed to put a room available to the demonstrators in the premises of the newspaper.

Defender of Rights seized

Yellow Vests arrested Wednesday in Paris on the sidelines of the arrest of Eric Drouet , asked the Defender of Rights to open an investigation into these “attacks on freedom” intended according to them to “gag” the challenge, learned AFP Saturday with their lawyers. These people were arrested Wednesday evening as they went to the Place de la Concorde, in response to the call for an “action” launched by Eric Drouet a few hours earlier on social networks. The latter was arrested around 9 pm for “organizing an event without prior declaration”.

  • Alexis Boisselier Le journal Dimanche



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