What is Jeremy Corbyn’s view on Brexit?

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Jeremy Corbyn’s interview on Euronews gives a clear and frank analysis of the Labour Parties Brexit position.

Corbyn explains how Labour hope to achieve a general election, on winning that election how the Party will negotiate a deal to ensure that people will not be worst off after we leave the EU.

The interview was open frank and honest. It does not play into the People’s vote campaign that has built itself upon false promises to its supporters.

Jeremy tells how a second referendum will not happen, that just the process and the time constraints make this an impossibility, Corbyn explains just going through the process of special legislation would take several months.


Skwarkbox published two articles explaining the time had run out for a second referendum. it took some stick for doing so but it was undeniable accurate an extract of these articles explains the position.

Labour supporters who recognise that reality – and the party’s sensible policy of honouring the referendum result – have also tended to believe that putting Corbyn’s Labour further from government is exactly why so many centrists, including unelected figures such as Blair, Mandelson and Adonis, are pushing so hard another referendum.

And now simple legislative arithmetic has shown that conclusion to be correct because time is about to run out for one to be called – and one was never within reach anyway.

Boiled down to its basics, the reality is as follows:

  • any new referendum could only be called by Theresa May
  • it requires primary legislation & parliamentary time that only May controls.
  • legally, at least 147 days’ preparation are needed to hold a referendum
  • the EU exit deadline of 23 May is hardwired, because the UK is not contesting the EU elections. Lawyers say that no MEP representation will invalidate the UK’s membership.

This means that the UK would need to formally commence proceedings for a second referendum in the next 5 days if it was to meet hardwired deadline of 23rd May, even with an extension to article 50.

Given that it’s now Christmas recess and parliament is not in session until the new year, the referendum ship has already sailed.

Yet the ‘PV’ cult is pushing harder than ever for something that is now out of the question. Of course, what is still on the table is an opportunity to damage Labour electorally.

The centrists’ motives were never subtle, but now they are laid bare. Just do the maths.


Predictably, the article was widely attacked by ‘PV’-adherents who claimed there were reasons it could still be done.

But those objections didn’t stand up – they did not take into account the latest legal guidance given to the government and the advanced state of the UK’s loss of status in the European Parliament.

The upshot of the latest developments and the collapse of pro-PV objections leaves the following list of facts that are as concrete as they are unpalatable to the PV-lobby:

  • a new referendum requires primary legislation that only the government can bring before Parliament
  • only the government can allocate parliamentary time for such an Act to pass
  • a referendum requires a minimum of 147 days to be legally held
  • by the time Parliament reconvenes, there will be well below 147 days until EU parliamentary elections
  • the EU has already reallocated the UK’s 27 parliamentary seats
  • legal advice provided to the government says that the UK’s EU membership would be ended by it having no MEPs, even if the UK tried to postpone Brexit on 29 March to create time for another referendum
  • in spite of PV activists’ faux outrage, Corbyn won the party’s leadership election in September 2016 on a platform of respecting the referendum result
  • Lab gained 2.5 million votes in last year’s general election on a manifesto that promised to respect the referendum result
  • In September this year, Labour’s ruling conference backed a policy of prioritising a general election and merely keeping open the option of another referendum
  • on 10 October, the EU’s chief negotiator expressed a clear preference for a permanent customs union with the UK – a plan that only Labour has put on the table and which would remove any issues with the Irish border
  • just a week ago, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said that while there is no EU appetite for any renegotiation of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the EU would accommodate negotiations of an entirely new deal – while indicating that this would not be possible under a Tory government.


It may not be what the remain camp want to hear but the reality is a bitter pill.

There will only be a Brexit of one sort or another the true unicorn is ‘Remain’ If we do get to the point of a General election both major Parties will almost certainly campaign for their version of  Brexit and what the UK should look like when we leave the EU with a vision of how this will be achieved.

The Labour Party offer the best all round solution to remaining close to the EU but not tied to the EU. The Labour Party offer an exceptional rebuilding program that would generate the UK both in its infrastructure and manufacturing.

We are all too aware of what the Tories can offer in or out of the EU their very limited policies do little to build a UK fit for all the people not just some.

The best solution to the Brexit issue is a General election and a Labour Party win.

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