We are Living in The Middle of a Robbery and The Government are Acting as an Accomplice

Living in a Robbery

From Robber Barons to Mafiocracy: Exposing the Globalised Cartel Behind the Cost of Living Crisis

The world has once again found itself teetering on the edge of crisis, this time in the form of soaring energy prices and rising inflation. The poorest households are bearing the brunt of this crisis, while the government’s response has been woefully inadequate.

The Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS) was a welcome relief for many households, but it did little to address the root causes of the crisis. The real culprits are the energy companies, who have been raking in record profits while ordinary people struggle to make ends meet.

This is the reality we face, however, a closer look at the financial reports of major energy companies reveals a startling picture. In just one year, profits skyrocketed, with figures speaking louder than words. Centrica, for example, saw its underlying operating profits rise from £0.9 billion in 2021 to a staggering £3.3 billion in 2022. Equinor, BP, Total Energies, Chevron, Shell, and Exxon Mobil followed suit, raking in astronomical profits while ordinary citizens struggled to make ends meet.

In total at the last tally, Energy giants have so far notched up mammoth earnings of more than 200 billion US dollars (£166 billion) between them for 2022 after a year of sky-high oil and gas prices.

The government’s abdication of responsibility in challenging this blatant profiteering has left the people vulnerable and exposed to the whims of avaricious corporations.

The repercussions of this extortionate energy hike have reverberated throughout society, with companies passing on the costs to customers resulting in the highest inflation rates the UK and Western Europe have seen in decades.

In the face of this crisis, one would expect the Bank of England to adopt measures that prioritise the well-being of the people.

However, the Bank’s response has only exacerbated the cost of living crisis. By resorting to the outdated approach of interest rate hikes to curb inflation, the Bank of England has only deepened the plight of homeowners and businesses. With interest rates soaring the threat of default looms over many, while businesses, in turn, pass on their increased costs to already burdened customers.

funny enough since the BOE increased interest rates the banks themselves have made £7 billion from net interest income. This is the extra money banks have made by raising interest rates for borrowers.

Cause and Causation

But here’s where the plot thickens—the largest shareholders of the energy companies are also major shareholders in the banks. The same entities that profit from the energy companies’ profiteering are now reaping additional benefits from the interest rate hikes. It’s a vicious cycle of exploitation and manipulation, with clear causation and a deliberate attack on the country’s well-being.

Anyone with a modicum of sense can see that we are living in a nightmare of plunder and pillage, masterminded by a clique of voracious oligarchs. The energy sector, which is firmly in the grip of the same globalist sharks who dominate the banking system, is bleeding the public dry with extortionate prices. At the same time, the Bank of England, in a stroke of colossal stupidity, is poised to raise interest rates, twisting the knife for the floundering businesses and households, it truly Beggar’s Belief.

“Unbridled profiteering is taking billions of pounds away from workers and communities and putting it into the hands of corporate Britain. Last year, the profits of the big four banks soared to an eye watering £33 billion.  Politicians need to wake up. It’s only by taking on runaway profiteering that we can end the cost of living crisis.”

Sharon Graham Unite the Union.

It’s a Globalisation’s Mafiocracy

This is a downward spiral that will end in a disastrous collapse, followed by a familiar script of government bailouts with taxpayers’ money for someone followed by a protracted spell of austerity for the masses, again. We are seeing a reemergence of the Robber Barons, monopolising and exploiting the people aided by a willing government.

robber barons

What further compounds the situation is the interwoven web of vested interests.

The largest shareholders of energy companies happen to be the same institutions that hold significant stakes in banks. It’s a cycle of cause and causation, a clear assault on the nation itself.

The UK’s six biggest energy companies, including British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, and SSE, have their largest shareholders linked to the State of Qatar, the French and German governments, and major investment firms such as Norges Bank Investment Management and Capital Group Companies.

Moreover, institutional investors like BlackRock and The Capital Group Companies hold shares in both energy companies and major banks, creating a web of influence that perpetuates the exploitation of the people.

How fortunate we are to live in a world where the greedy energy oligarchs can profit from both ends of the economic spectrum. When they raise their prices, they tell us it is due to market forces and supply and demand, and they pocket the difference. When the Bank of England increases interest rates, they tell us it is due to inflation and monetary policy, and they pocket the difference.

In both cases, they are benefiting from the misery and hardship of the ordinary people, who have to pay more for their basic needs and have less to spend while they feed the rich. How wonderful it is to have such a fair and just system that rewards greed and punishes need.

You have to ask where is the government in this? Why do they choose to prioritise the market and not the people they represent? How long shall we submit to the looting of our common wealth by the voracious oligarchs who have usurped our democracy?

How long shall we endure the humiliation of being robbed by the leeching vampires who have drained the system? How long shall we accept the betrayal of our elected representatives who have prostituted themselves to the highest bidder?

The answer is clear: no more. We, the people, have the right and the duty to defy this unbearable tyranny and to reclaim our sovereignty. We have the power and the responsibility to unmask the fraud and the lies that prop up this monstrous injustice.

Do we not have the vision and the courage to forge a new society where the dignity and the prosperity of the many are not trampled by the greed and the privilege of the few are we so empty in our dreams?

Are we not worthy of a better world? Are we not capable of creating it?

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