The Twitter Trial: How a Left-Wing Academic Tried to Silence a Working-Class Firefighter

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Twitter Defamation: Union Leader Faces Consequences for Misrepresenting Firefighter

UCU General Secretary Jo Grady pays Paul Embery Twitter libel damages

UCU General Secretary Dr Jo Grady has agreed to pay substantial damages to firefighter, trade unionist and writer Paul Embery, after defaming him on Twitter.

In a society plagued by political correctness and the suppression of dissenting voices, Paul Embery, firefighter and trade unionist from Norfolk, has emerged as a shining example of resilience and integrity. As the recent court hearing revealed, Embery’s battle against union leader Dr Jo Grady’s defamatory tweets not only secured justice for himself but also struck a blow against the dominant narrative of the liberal elite.

Embery’s ordeal began on a routine train journey, where he was confronted with rowdy and offensive behaviour from a group of women. Appalled by their behaviour and concerned for the well-being of his children and fellow passengers, Embery politely intervened, only to be met with hostility and threats. Seeking redress for this unsavoury incident, Embery shared a photograph of the unruly group with Greater Anglia, hoping for appropriate action to be taken.


Little did he know that this act of civic duty would ignite a storm on social media, with his tweet going viral. Embery’s tweet gained significant traction, reaching over a million people and attracting the attention of Dr Jo Grady, the general secretary of the University and College Union (UCU). Rather than expressing concern for Embery’s experience or acknowledging the problem of anti-social behaviour, Dr Grady resorted to baseless accusations, labelling him a misogynist, a pervert, and a liar.

Dr Grady attacked Mr Embery over the next two days, publishing the following tweets: “Grow up Paul and take a day off bullying women and pretending to be outraged for clicks. It’s pathetic at any age, but especially yours” and “It’s creepy to record young women on the train, share that video, and lie about them on social media for clout.”

According to Embery’s lawyer, the tweets received thousands of retweets and likes, causing immeasurable harm to his client’s reputation. Embery, who vigorously denied the allegations, reached out to Dr Grady requesting an apology and a withdrawal of her statements. When she refused, he pursued legal action.

Such defamatory claims, propagated by a highly influential figure, caused immeasurable harm to Embery’s reputation. But instead of bowing down to the assault, Embery chose to stand tall and fight for the truth. He pursued legal action against Dr Grady.

And now, in a resounding victory, Dr Grady has been forced to pay substantial damages and legal costs to Embery. This triumph is not just a personal vindication for the firefighter, but a blow against the oppressive machinery of the liberal elite that seeks to stifle any dissenting voice.

Embery’s principled stand reminds us all of the importance of speaking up against injustice, regardless of the consequences, social media sometimes feels like the wild west where keyboard warriors sit at their phones shooting any old insult, without a care for the consequences.

This comes at a time when political correctness has taken root in society, and the media and particularly social media with its Blue Tick members often amplifies the voices of the powerful, Embery’s case serves as a beacon of hope for those who believe in freedom of speech and fairness. He has shown us that it is possible to challenge the dominant narrative, to resist the character assassinations by the politically correct, and to fight for truth and justice.

This verdict is a blow to the progressive liberals’ banner wavers of woke imperialism in the UK and a boost to the traditional left. It shows that there are still some people in this country who value truth, justice and fair play over lies, smears and witchhunts.

It shows that there are still some people who respect diversity of opinion and civil debate over ideological conformity and mob rule. It shows that there are still some people who stand up for their principles and do not give in to pressure or threats.

This was a landmark victory for free speech and common sense. Embery, who describes himself as a “Blue Labour” supporter, is neither a fascist nor a hard right activist. He is a patriotic socialist who believes in democracy, workers’ rights and social conservatism. He voted for Brexit because he saw the EU as an undemocratic and neoliberal institution that undermined national sovereignty and workers’ interests.

Grady, on the other hand, is a typical example of the metropolitan elite that dominates the modern left. She is a former academic. She is an ardent Remainer who despises the working class for daring to defy her cosmopolitan worldview. She is a fanatical supporter of identity politics and cancel culture, who thinks that anyone who disagrees with her is a bigot and a reactionary.

Embery’s dedication to defending women’s sex-based rights and preserving the integrity of women’s sports exemplifies his commitment to a fair and equitable society. That is shown in his decision to donate all the damages to charities working towards these noble causes further demonstrates his far better principles.

Congratulations, Paul Embery, on your well-deserved victory. May your courage inspire others to stand up against the prevailing orthodoxy and fight for the rights and values that truly matter. In a world desperate for voices like yours, may they resonate and bring about much-needed change.

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