The first motion of ‘no confidence’ in Sir Keir Starmer passes vote

The first motion of 'no confidence' in Sir Keir Starmer passes vote

Sir Keir Starmer has proved to be less than capable in his leadership, Labour members through their branches and CLP’s are pushing motions that not only question his dubious decision making but his ability to lead the party.

Questions over his poor and overreaching actions along with his dictatorial leadership style have come to a head with members being oppressed in expressing their opinions at risk of disciplinary procedures being made against them.

Labour members have been threatened with investigation as a result of considering motions on the high-profile suspension of former leader Jeremy Corbyn as part of their local party business.

The chair, co-secretary and a number of other members in Bristol West Labour facing disciplinary action and were duly suspended over the show of defiance, which branded Mr Corbyn’s suspension “a politically motivated attack against the left of the Labour Party by the leadership”.

The Labour Party has suspended the CLP’s chair and one of its co-secretaries for allowing the motion to be debated. 

The threats of disciplinary action follow a meeting of the London regional board in which members were reportedly prevented from voting on a motion expressing solidarity with Corbyn earlier this month.

The unease voiced by party members also follows the Unite party staff branch raising concerns over “due process” in the suspension of the former Labour leader and “the integrity of our processes”.

It was the late Michael Foot and former leader of the Labour Party who said:

“Is the Labour Party to remain a democratic party in which the right of free criticism and free debate is not merely tolerated but encouraged? Or are the rank and file of the party to be bludgeoned or cowed into an uncritical subservience towards the leadership?” -Micheal Foot

However, the Labour Party members by their very nature will not be cowed down by such oppression. The Valley Branch Dyffryn in Aberconwy have not only strong words of condemnation against Sir Keir Starmer and his method of Leadership but have been raised and passed a full blown motion of no confidence in him and his leadership.

Valley Branch Dyffryn in Aberconwy passed what may well be the first of many motions of no confidence by local parties in Sir Keir Starmer and his leadership:

Motion of No Confidence in Keir Starmer.

This branch believes no one can argue with this quote from Red Labour:
“The right to debate, strike, speak out in support and to show solidarity to others goes to the very soul of the Labour Party. Freedom of speech and democracy are precious but both are increasingly at risk. We must not stand by in silence whilst these hard fought for fundamental rights are ripped away.”
It is therefore with great regret that this branch finds it necessary to list the following actions which are indicative of the Labour leadership’s descent into dictatorship.
These actions are designed to remove those members who are prepared to challenge the leadership when it puts the interests of multinationals, economic growth and the so called “national interest” before workers, Trades Unions, solidarity with the oppressed and disadvantaged and world peace:

  1. Whipping the PLP to abstain on the “Licence to Kill Bill” and the “Spycops Bill”. The Labour Party should be making it clear by their actions (not just their words) that they oppose any illegal actions by British Armed Forces and likewise oppose the despicable actions of undercover police officers in the UK.
  2. Commenting on an ongoing disciplinary matter in order to gain political capital when the General Secretary has expressly forbidden it. (Andrew Marr Show, Sunday 1 Nov, after the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn). This gave the impression that the Labour leader is allowed freedom of speech that members are not.
  3. Disassociating himself and the party from the tradition of solidarity with the oppressed peoples and nations of the world. Labour and Starmer should have shown solidarity with Assange and the Black Lives Matter movement. It is not acceptable that there was silence in response to events in Venezuela and Bolivia.
  4. Bullying and authoritarianism (even more so than Tony Blair). Starmer sold out Rebecca Long Bailey (a fervent advocate of the Green New Deal), the members and the previous leader. His latest action, cynically removing the Labour Whip from Jeremy Corbyn, is further evidence of his determination to rid the party of Socialists.
  5. Tackling anti-Semitism and other forms of racism. Starmer refused to support and stand up for Black MPs on the left. He has failed to recognise Jewish diversity by ignoring Jewish Voice for Labour and other Jewish party members who supported Jeremy Corbyn and the socialist policies he promoted. He has allowed himself to be pressured by organisations such as the Jewish Labour Movement, the Board of Deputies and Labour for Israel. He authorised out-of-court settlements, contrary to legal advice, leaving the door open for unlimited claims against the Labour Party.
  6. Complete disregard of Labour Party democracy. The Green New Deal was ratified by the 2019 conference, published in the 2019 manifesto and is supported by 70% of the membership. Replacing it with the “Green Recovery Plan” is a wishywashy, half-hearted, sop to multinationals. The country and the world do not have time to take it easy!!
  7. Starmer’s transition from apparent socialist in the mid 1980’s (pro-bono work with pickets, denouncing the use of ‘paramilitary’ policing methods) to an establishment stooge when Director of Public Prosecutions and as an MP. Starmer failed to protect Julian Assange, increased fines and custodial sentences for benefit cheats, increased powers of arrest for protesters and oversaw CPS involvement in police undercover work in left wing groups. He also refused to indict either the policemen who killed Jean Charles de Menendez or the policeman involved in death of Ian Tomlinson. As an MP he abstained on the 2nd Reading of the 2015 Welfare Bill.
  8. Complete u-turn on his pledge to unite the party and keep the party on the socialist path which very nearly ensured a Labour Government in 2017. His actions during his first 7 months have promoted factionalism never seen before in the party, in complete contrast to the actions of Jeremy Corbyn when he took over the leadership. This branch therefore moves that it has no confidence in Keir Starmer as Leader of the Labour Party. The branch also unanimously passed a motion demanding the immediate restoration of the whip to Jeremy Corbyn

#StarmerOut #FreedomtoSpeak #reinstatejeremycorbyn

In August Sir Keir Starmer’s own constituency witnessed members presenting a motion of no confidence in the Party leader:

Labour civil war: Sir Keir Starmer faces a vote of ‘no confidence’ from his own Camden Left-wing members

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