Russia sanctions 287 British MPs

Russia sanctions British MPs

Moscow blacklists 213 Tory and 74 Labour MPs in retaliation for London’s sanctions.

The Kremlin targeted members of the House of Commons accused of whipping up “Russophobic hysteria” in retaliation for sanctions imposed by Britain on 386 members of Russia’s parliament, the Duma.

Russia on Wednesday imposed sanctions against 287 British members of Parliament, in retaliation for last month’s blacklisting of Russian lawmakers by London. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow announced the full list of Conservative and Labour MPs banned from Russia, saying that they were the most active spreaders of “Russophobia hysteria” in the UK.

The UK sanctioned 386 deputies of the Russian State Duma on March 11, for their decision to vote in favour of the recognition of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent states. Citing the principle of reciprocity, Moscow has announced the blacklisting of some – though not all – members of the House of Commons.

The 213 MPs of the ruling Conservative party and 74 MPs of the opposition Labour “took the most active part in the establishment of anti-Russian sanctions instruments in London, and contributed to the groundless whipping up of so-called Russophobia hysteria in the UK,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said. The House of Commons has a total of 650 MPs.

“Hostile rhetoric and far-fetched accusations coming from the mouths of British parliamentarians not only condone the hostile course of London, aimed at demonizing our country and isolating it internationally, but are also used by opponents of mutually respectful dialogue with Russia to undermine the foundation of bilateral cooperation,” the ministry said, adding that it will continue to work on developing retaliatory countermeasures, given London’s ongoing activity to expand anti-Russian sanctions”.

Among those blacklisted from entry is Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle, as well as Cabinet members, including Minister for Brexit Jacob Rees-Mogg and Environment Secretary George Eustice. The list also includes Labour politicians, among them Diane Abbott who is a close ally of former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The opposition Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is not on the list and ‘has not been sanctioned’ by the Russians.

Prime minister, Boris Johnson was sanctioned on April 16.

The following is a list of names of British MPs:

Members of the Conservative Party faction in the House of Commons of the British Parliament


  1. Stephen Paul Barclay
  2. David Michael DAVIS
  3. Charles George EUSTICE,
  4. Dominic Charles GRIEVE (Dominic Charles GRIEVE),
  5. Christopher Heaton-Harris
  6. Jeremy Richard Streynsham HUNT
  7.  Alistair William Jack
  8.  Daniel Robert KAVCHINSKI (Daniel Robert KAWCZYNSKI),
  9.  Andrea Jacqueline LEADSOM,
  10.  Julian Murray LEWIS
  11.  Esther Louise McVey
  12.  Penelope Mary MORDAUNT (Penelope Mary MORDAUNT),
  13.  Caroline Fiona Ellen NOKES (Caroline Fiona Ellen NOKES),
  14. Christopher John PINCHER
  15.  Jacob William REES-MOGG,
  16.  Mark Steven SPENCER
  17. Theresa Ann VILLIERS
  18.  Heather Kay WHEELER
  19.  Nigel ADAMS,
  20.  Bim AFOLAMI,
  21.  Adam AFRIYIE,
  22.  Peter James Guy ALDOUS,
  23.  Lucy Elizabeth ALLAN
  24.  Stuart James ANDREW
  25. Edward John Compport ARGAR (Edward John Compport ARGAR),
  26.  Victoria Mary ATKINS (Victoria Mary ATKINS),
  27.  Richard Michael BACON
  28.  Kemi BADENOCH,
  29.  Steve John BAKER
  30.  Harriet Mary Morison BALDWIN,
  31.  John Charles BARON
  32.  Alexander Paul BERESFORD,
  33.  James Jacob Gilchrist BERRY (James Jacob Gilchrist BERRY),
  34.  Peter William BONE,
  35.  Peter James BOTTOMLEY,
  36.  Andrew Campbell BOWIE
  37.  Ben David BRADLEY
  38.  Karen Anne BRADLEY
  39.  Jack Edgar Brereton (Jack Edgar Brereton),
  40.  Andrew James BRIDGEN
  41.  Steve BRINE
  42.  Fiona Claire BRUCE (Fiona Claire BRUCE),
  43.  Michael Alex BURGHART,
  44.  Conor BURNS (Conor BURNS),
  45.  Alan Hugh CAIRNS
  46.  James Roger CARTLIDGE,
  47.  William Nigel Paul CASH
  48.  Maria Colette CAULFIELD,
  49.  Alexander John Gervase CHALK,
  50.  Ata-Ur-Rehman CHISHTI (Atta-Ur-Rehman CHISHTI),
  51.  Joanna Peta CHURCHILL
  52.  Simon Richard Clarke
  53.  Geoffrey CLIFTON-BROWN,
  54.  Therese Anne COFFEY
  55.  Alberto Castrenze COSTA,
  56.  Robert Alexander COURTS,
  57.  Tracey Elizabeth Anne CROUCH
  58.  David Thomas Charles DAVIES
  59.  Edward Glyn DAVIES,
  60.  Mims Jane Alice DAVIES (Mims Jane Alice DAVIES),
  61.  Philip DAVIES,
  62.  Michelle Emma May DONELAN,
  63.  Steve Daniel DOUBLE
  64.  Richard Grosvenor PLUNKETT-ERNLE-DRAX (Richard Grosvenor PLUNKETT-ERNLE-DRAX),
  65.  James Philip DUDDRIDGE
  66.  David James DUGUID
  67.  Philip Martin DUNNE
  68.  Michael ELLIS,
  69.  Charlie Brett Anthony ELPHICKE (Charlie Brett Anthony ELPHICKE),
  70. Michael Louis David FABRICANT,
  71. Victoria Grace FORD (Victoria Grace FORD),
  72.  Kevin John FOSTER
  73. Mark Gino FRANCOIS (Mark Gino FRANCOIS),
  74.  George William FREEMAN
  75.  Mike Whitney FREER
  76.  Marcus John Hudson FYSH,
  77. Roger James GALE
  78. Mark Robert Timothy GARNIER
  79.  Nusrat Munir UI-GHANI,
  80.  Nicholas John GIBB
  81.  Paul William GIRVAN
  82.  John Philip GLEN
  83. Robert GOODWILL
  84.  Richard Michael GRAHAM
  85.  James Whiteside GRAY
  86.  Christopher Patrick James GREEN (Christopher Patric James GREEN),
  87.  Damian Howard GREEN
  88.  Justine GREENING,
  89.  Dominic Charles Roberts GRIEVE (Dominic Charles Roberts GRIEVE),
  90. Samuel Phillip GYIMAH,
  91. Robert Henry HALFON,
  92. Luke Anthony HALL
  93. Greg William HANDS (Greg William HANDS),
  94. Mark James HARPER,
  95. Elizabeth Rebecca Scott HARRIS
  96. Trudy Lynne HARRISON (Trudy Lynne HARRISON),
  97. Simon Anthony HART
  98. John Henry HAYES
  99. Oliver HEALD,
  100. Gordon HENDERSON,
  101. Damian Patrick HINDS
  102. Kevin Paul HOLLINRAKE
  103. Philip Thomas HOLLOBONE,
  104. Adam James Harold HOLLOWAY
  105. John Michael HOWELL
  106. Nigel Paul HUDDLESTON
  107. Eddie Francis HUGHES
  108. Bernard Christison JENKIN,
  109. Andrea Marie JENKYNS
  110. Robert Edward JENRICK,
  111. Caroline Elizabeth JOHNSON
  112.  Gareth Alan JOHNSON
  113. Joseph JOHNSON,
  114. Andrew Hanson JONES,
  115. David Ian JONES
  116. Marcus Charles JONES,
  117. Gillian KEEGAN,
  118. Seema Louise Ghiassi KENNEDY
  119. Stephen Charles KERR
  120. Greg KNIGHT,
  121. John Robert LAMONT
  122. Pauline Elizabeth LATHAM
  123. Philip James LEE
  124. Jeremy John Elton LEFROY
  125. Edward Julian LEIGH
  126. Oliver LETWIN,
  127. Andrew Iain LEWER
  128. Ian Richard Peregrine LIDDELL-GRAINGER,
  129. Julia Louise LOPEZ
  130. Jack Giacomo LOPRESTI
  131. Jonathan George CALADINE
  132. Tim Paul LOUGHTON
  133. Craig MACKINLAY,
  134. Rachel Helen MACLEAN
  135. Alan MAC (Alan MAC),
  136. Scott Leslie MANN
  137. Paul Christopher MAYNARD
  138. Patrick Allen MCLOUGHLIN
  139. Stephen Anthony McPartland,
  140. Mark Andrew MENZIES
  141. Johnny Luther MERCER (Johnny Luther MERCER),
  142. Huw William MERRIMAN
  143. Stephen James METCALFE
  144. Amanda Anne MILLING (Amanda Anne MILLING),
  145. Nigel John MILLS
  146. Andrew John Bower MITCHELL,
  147. Damien MOORE,
  148. Nicola Ann MORGAN
  149. James George MORRIS
  150. David Gordon MUNDELL
  151. Sheryll MURRAY
  152. Andrew William MURRISON,
  153. Robert James MacGillivray NEILL
  154. Sarah Louise NEWTON
  155. Alexander Jesse NORMAN,
  156. Neil O’BRIEN,
  157. Neil Quentin PARISH,
  158. Mark Julian Francis PAWSEY,
  159. John David PENROSE
  160. Christopher Ian Brian Mynott PHILP
  161. Rebecca Faye Clark POW
  162. Victoria Mary Boswell PRENTIS,
  163. Mark Andrew PRITCHARD
  164. Thomas Christopher John PURSGLOVE
  165. Jeremy Mark QUIN
  166. William James QUINS (William James QUINCE),
  167. John Alan REDWOOD
  168. Laurence Anthony ROBERTSON
  169. Mary Josephine ROBINSON
  170. Douglas Gordon ROSS
  171. Lee Benjamin ROWLEY
  172. David Henry RUTLEY,
  173. Paul Stuart SCULLY
  174. Andrew Edmund Armstrong SELOUS,
  175. Richard James SHANNON
  176. Alec Edward SHELBROOKE
  177. Christopher James SKIDMORE
  178. Chloe Rebecca SMITH (Chloe Rebecca SMITH),
  179. Henry Edward SMITH
  180. Julian Richard SMITH
  181. Royston Matthew SMITH,
  182. Arthur Nicholas Winston SOAMES,
  183. Andrew George STEPHENSON,
  184. Andrew John STEVENSON
  185. Robert Alexander STEWART
  186. Roderick James STEWART
  187. Gary Nicholas STREETER,
  188. Melvin John STRIDE (Melvyn John STRIDE),
  189. Graham Charles STUART,
  190. Desmond Angus SWAYNE
  191. Robert Andrew Raymond SIMS (Robert Andrew Raymond SYMS),
  192. Derek Gordon THOMAS
  193. Margaret Ann THROUP
  194. Kelly Jane TOLHURST (Kelly Jane TOLHURST),
  195. Justin Paul TOMLINSON
  196. Michael James TOMLINSON
  197. Craig Paul TRACEY
  198. David Arthur Stephen TREDENNICK,
  199. Shailesh Lackman VARA,
  200. Martin John VICKERS
  201. Theresa Ann VILLERS
  202. Robin Caspar WALKER
  203. David John WARBURTON
  204. Matt Robert WARMAN (Matthew Robert WARMAN),
  205. Helen Olivia Bicknell WHATELY,
  206. Heather Kay WHEELER
  207. Craig WHITTAKER
  208. John Flasby Lawrance WHITTINGDALE
  209. William David WIGGIN
  210. Sarah WOLLASTON
  211. Mike John WOOD
  212. William Peter WRAGG
  213. Jeremy Paul WRIGHT


Members of the Labor Party caucus in the House of Commons of the British Parliament


  1. Lindsay Harvey HOYLE, Speaker of the House of Commons
  2. Diane Julie ABBOTT
  3. Deborah Angela Elspeth Marie ABRAHAMS
  4. Michael Lee AMESBURY
  5. Antonia Louise ANTONIAZZI,
  6. Jonathan Michael Graham ASHWORTH
  7. Margaret Mary BECKETT (Margaret Mary BECKETT),
  8. Clive James Charles BETTS
  9. Paul Christopher BLOMFIELD
  10. Kevin Denis BRENNAN
  11.  Karen Patricia BUCK (Karen Patricia BUCK),
  12.  Richard BURGON,
  13. Don Petula BUTLER (Dawn Petula BUTLER),
  14.  Alan CAMPBELL,
  15.  Dan Joseph CARDEN
  16.  Charalambos CHARALAMBOUS (Charalambos CHARALAMBOUS),
  17.  Vernon Rodney COAKER,
  18.  Neil Alan John COYLE
  19.  Stella Judith CREASY (Stella Judith CREASY),
  20. Judith Mary CUMMINS
  21.  Janet Jessica DABY
  22.  Tarnmanjit Singh DHESI (Tarnmanjeet Singh DHESI),
  23.  Peter Christopher DOWD
  24.  Rosie Clare DUFFIELD (Rosie Clare DUFFIELD),
  25.  Chris Philip James ELMORE
  26. Victoria Jane FOXCROFT (Victoria Jane FOXCROFT),
  27.  Barry Strachan GARDINER,
  28.  Ruth Stephanie Nicole GEORGE
  29. Preet Kaur GILL
  30. John Timothy GROGAN
  31. Louise HAIGH,
  32.  Fabian UZIELL-HAMILTON,
  33. David George HANSON
  34.  Carolyn HARRIS,
  35.  Susan Mary HAYMAN
  36. John HEALEY
  37.  Margaret Olivia HILLIER
  38.  Sharon HODGSON,
  39.  George Edward HOWARTH
  40.  Daniel Owen Woolgar JARVIS,
  41.  Darren Paul JONES
  42.  Gerald JONES,
  43. Mohammed Afzal KHAN,
  44.  Peter KYLE
  45.  Ian LAVERY
  46.  Emma Louise LEWELL-BUCK,
  47.  Anthony Joseph LLOYD
  48.  Justin Piers Richard MADDERS
  49.  Khalid MAHMOOD,
  50.  Rachael Helen MASKELL
  51.  Christian MATHESON,
  52.  Kerry Gillian MCCARTHY
  53.  Conor Patrick McGINN
  54.  James Ignatius O’Rourke MCMAHON,
  55. James Ian MEARNS
  56.  Stephen James MORGAN
  57.  Ian MURRAY
  58.  Alexander James Jordan NORRIS
  59.  Stephanie Louise PEACOCK,
  60. Luke POLLARD
  61. Eleanor Claire REEVES
  62. Matthew Richard Allen RODDA
  63. Lloyd Cameron RUSSELL-MOYLE,
  64. Jeff SMITH,
  65. Nicholas Desmond John SMITH
  66. Karin Marguerite SMYTH
  67. Alexander David SOBEL,
  68. John Francis SPELLAR
  69. Mark Richard TAMI
  70. Gareth Richard THOMAS
  71. Stephen Creswell TIMMS,
  72. Mary Elizabeth TWIST (Mar Elizabeth TWIST),
  73. Alan Patrick Vincent WHITEHEAD
  74. Daniel Stephen ZEICHNER
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