Pummeled Khan Younis Becomes Gaza’s Latest Charnel House

Khan Younis
Gaza Strike's Grim Toll - Khan Younis Civilian Carnage

Khan Younis: A Funeral Pyre Emerges as Israel Escalates Bombardment

As Israel intensifies its ruthless bombardment of Gaza, the southern city of Khan Younis now resembles a funeral pyre – its overwhelmed hospitals overflowing with dead and dying after the heaviest air assault of this lopsided war.

Panicked residents described relentless bombing exceeding previous nights of horror as hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have sought shelter in the area, after being told to flee the north of the territory, which was Israel’s main target in the early stages of the war.

Now trapped civilians who obeyed the edict from Netanyahu to flee decimated northern towns find only ashes in the supposed refuge of Khan Younis and neighbouring Rafah on the Egyptian border.

Hideous scenes confront medics making futile efforts amidst the carnage. With morgues filled far beyond capacity, corpses pile up in hospital corridors slick with blood. Doctors describe mothers clutching the small, silent bodies of dead infants, their wailing lament punctuated by bombs.

Young children bear wounds that no child should endure. Yet casualties continue flooding in, floor space now acting as makeshift wards. Even before this onslaught, Gaza‘s health system teetered near collapse. Now capacity and endurance expire.

Hospitals, operating with limited resources after weeks of fighting, were overwhelmed with casualties, and at the Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, some patients were treated on the floor.

“A night of horror,” Samira, a mother of four, told the Reuters news agency. “It was one of the worst nights we spent in Khan Younis in the past six weeks since we arrived here… We are so afraid they will enter Khan Younis.”

Unicef spokesman James Elder, who was in Khan Younis on Saturday, told the BBC that hospitals were already “saturated” with casualties before the strikes resumed.

“There is literally blood in the corridors, there are mothers yet again holding babies who look like they’ve been killed”, he said.

The Palestinian Red Crescent charity confirmed that 100 lorries with aid were allowed to enter Gaza from Egypt on Saturday. On Friday, no humanitarian supplies were delivered to the territory.


But despite the anguished international outcry that comes from only the common people, Western politicians ignore over 15,000 Palestinians lost so far, and Israel vows to expand offensive operations. Prime Minister Netanyahu pledges continued strikes until Hamas lies in ruins and the over 200 hostages are secured, the problem is to Netanyahu and his generals all Gazans are Hamas.

At his briefing announcing expanded strikes, Netanyahu dubbed the horror still ahead a “tough war.” But language fails to capture these war crimes against humanity. Rules regulating combat dissolve amidst uncontrolled demolition of homes, hospitals, infrastructure – humanity itself faces erasure, not some abstract terrorist menace.

World leaders watching mass murder unfold offer toothless counsel to show restraint, not halt the machinery exterminating families who weep alone. Their mute complicity in this industrialized charnel house shall echo through history as the ultimate mockery of supposed “Western values.”

If this be civilization, we inhabit a modern Dark Age where legalities sanitize slaughter, not prevent it. Leaders mouthing meaningless platitudes while signing death warrants through deliberate passivity must inspire universal disgust. Humanity demands better stewardship in this crisis.

Global silence equals complicity before this open-air abattoir.

The world pleads through screams of the dying for immediate action stopping this horror. If global institutions and power brokers still retain any honour, now is the time to end the historic injustice through Palestinians eliminated as demographic obstacles.

Only urgent action can redeem the soul of humanity now shuddering under apocalyptic skies. If morality and compassion still retain meaning, we must cry “enough” in unison until the last shell stops falling onto innocents held hostage to geopolitical agendas. Yet our doomed eyes turn away. And another midnight passes into irrevocable history.

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