Out of step, Out of time and soon to be Out of office!


Theresa May enters the Tory party conference dancing!

Yes, that really is the headline in the media today even though to the less keen-eyed viewer it could have been mistaken for a tumble.

It was only the track Dancing Queen playing that confirmed to most it was not actually was not. It would be funny if it was not so embarrassing!

The Tories seem to thrive in creating the most cringe-worthy moments for posterity, between Theresa May and Gavin ‘shut up and go away’ Williams and they are topping the charts.

It would be fair to say Theresa May accelerates in embarrassing the country from her attempts at dancing that would make the most rhythmless Dad dancer look good, to her inability to Govern the country let alone negotiate Brexit.

A more fitting tune would have been Waterloo!

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