Not a Wheel Turns, Not a Phone Rings: The Power of the Working Class

A constant fight for workers rights
A constant fight for workers rights

The strength and potential of the working class is unmatched and unstoppable.

When you think about it, the working class is pretty amazing. We go to work every day, doing everything from flipping burgers to designing software to teaching kids, and we don’t even get paid a lot of money for it. In fact, a lot of us are barely scraping by.

The Critical Role of the Working Class in Wealth Creation

The working class is the backbone of wealth creation. Without its members, nothing would move. Ted Grant best captures the power of the working class when he stated:

“Not a wheel turns, not a phone rings, not a light bulb shines without the kind permission of the working class! Once this enormous power is mobilised, no force on earth can stop it.”

It is the working class that is the dynamo of any country, and every economic system. Its members are the engine that drives progress, and it’s time they were recognised as such.

Wealth creation is not the exclusive preserve of a privileged few. It depends upon the active involvement of the whole community. That’s why we reject the absurd double standard which encourages massive rewards for those at the top whilst everyone else has to suffer pay cuts, longer hours, and fewer and fewer employment rights.

And that’s when we are working within an honest system. But we all know this system is rigged. Where we once had our own legislators, members of the Labour Party, working for the emancipation of the working class. They have now become part of the creeping corruption that spreads throughout Parliament, working not for those they represent but for a system that has become decrepit and unequal.

One that continuously works in the markets favour and against the people.

It’s time for the working class to mobilise and reclaim what is rightfully theirs. With its immense power, there is nothing on earth that can stop it.

The Double Standard Between Wealth-Creators and Others

It’s an outrageous double standard, isn’t it? Those at the top get all the rewards, while everyone else has to suffer pay cuts, longer hours, and fewer and fewer employment rights.

But it’s not just unfair, it’s also bad for business. When wealth-creators are rewarded to the exclusion of everyone else, it discourages participation and inhibits innovation. It’s no wonder our economy is in such a mess when those who actually create wealth are treated so shabbily.

And let’s be extremely honest here, it’s not the greed of the many that has created this mess, it’s the greed of the few coupled with a government unable through design or fault to curb the insatiable appetite of the oligarchy.

The actions we are seeing today and every day there are strikes, are the actions of the British public standing up to this financial tyranny. A public that is sick to death of trying to keep their heads above water. People that are struggling in a system that pushes down their wages and living standards no matter how hard they work or how much they sacrifice.

This present cost of living crisis is created by the extortionate Energy prices pushed on both the people and businesses by profiteering globalist that uses the market to break governments and controls the flow of capital and again let’s be really honest, that flow of capital runs right into their pockets, its a weak government and exploited system that allows this.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can all share in the rewards if we work together. Let’s reject this absurd double standard and start creating wealth for everyone!

We see the true potential of the working class each and every day. They keep the lights on, power the factories, build our roads, keep us safe and make sure the trains run on time. They’re not only the unsung heroes of the world economy, but the heroes of our communities, too.

So let’s put an end to the false narrative that wealth is created through the hard work of a few. Wealth creation is a collective endeavour and should be recognised as such. It is not enough to merely recognise the immense contribution of the working class, however. Now is the time to celebrate, empower and reward them for the vital role they play in the creation of wealth.

We should ensure that workers receive fair pay and safe working conditions, as well as the respect they so rightly deserve. This can only happen if we reject the status quo and embrace a new way of thinking that recognises the power of working-class people. We must ensure that the working class is no longer simply seen as an expendable element of the production process, but given their due appreciation for their critical role in wealth creation. These are the steps that must be taken if we are to create an economy that works for everyone.

Working Class Self-Organisation – The Source of Power

The working class has the power to shut down the economy. Again and it should be a mantra every working class man woman and child wakes to – Not a wheel turns, not a phone rings, not a light bulb shines without the kind permission of the working class! Once this enormous power is mobilised, no force on earth can stop it. wealth creation is not the exclusive preserve of a privileged few it depends upon – the active involvement of the whole community.

We reject the absurd double standard which encourages massive rewards for those at the top whilst everyone else has to suffer pay cuts, longer hours, and fewer and fewer employment rights. This outrageous inequality is only possible because we allow it to happen. By standing together and organising democratically, we can create a world where everyone has a decent standard of living and a real say in how our society is run.

Everyday Examples of the Power of Collective Action

We’ve all seen the power of collective action in our daily lives.

We have seen the wins from Unions that have dared take on the employer, we are left with no choice in this system but to strike and demand higher wages. When we turn on a light switch and the electricity isn’t working because workers are picketing. And when our trains don’t run because workers are on strike for better pay and benefits and just to keep their jobs. We see nurses, doctors, teachers, firefighters, lorry drivers and even barristers having to strike to highlight the inequality and pressure the working class are under today, with no let up from government or the downward pressure from the greedy corporations who own our public assets.

And even though Thatcher sold this country’s assets the majority of which is now owned by foreign countries we still have the power of the working class, the power of the common people.

We understand that when workers come together, they have a stronger voice. With collective action, they can challenge employers, bargain for better wages, and fight for a job with safe working conditions and equal pay for both genders.

They have demonstrated that when they come together they can achieve amazing things, like convincing their bosses to provide more paid vacation days or health benefits. They know that their power is in numbers and that by standing together, they can ensure their rights are respected in the workplace.

It is in this fight over the next days weeks and months that we will see that power and if its collective power only ripples its muscles we will succeed in bringing about a step change in this country. There is no doubt that in the coming months, we will need the fortitude and determination shown in 1984, have no doubt this is a battle of emancipation, lose and we will be slaves to this corrupt system, win and we just might find the vision to bring about a lasting change.

RMT union leader and peoples hero Mick Lynch declared:

“Are you on the side of the workers? That is how history is going to judge you. Where were you during this wave of disputes… were you with us, or were you against us?… there are no neutrals in these struggles”.

How Unionisation Empowers Workers and Creates Fairness

Unionisation is one of the most powerful tools working people have to fight for fairness and equality in the workplace. Joining a union gives workers collective bargaining rights, so they can negotiate better wages and benefits, safer working conditions, and create job security. Unions also make it easier for workers to demand fair wages, correct pay disparities and combat discrimination on the job. Unionised workers are also more likely to have access to retirement benefits, health insurance and other services.

Unionisation is also a great way to ensure that wealthy corporations don’t get away with exploiting workers by cutting back wages or hours. When workers come together as a unionised bargaining unit, they can speak out against unfair labour practices and demand better treatment.

However, unionism has also become an organised force to hold government to account. Unfortunately, the working class no longer has the Labour Party to fight their cause, the unions having founded and funded the Labour Party have been betrayed by Starmer, who claims it is not the job of opposition to support strike action or stand on a picket line, no matter how legitimate that strike or essential the workers win.

With or without the parliamentarians we have the power and that power can manifest itself in our votes as well as our ability to collectively act for our own rights.

It is this power of collective action that gives working people the tools they need to fight exploitation and build secure futures for themselves and their families.

Obstacles to Organising and Achieving Economic Justice

One of the biggest obstacles to building economic justice is the lack of representation in decision-making. Too often, the voices of working people are not heard or respected. There are significant power asymmetries between those with resources and those without, and as a result, decisions that affect everyone are being made in favour of a few.

Another obstacle is access to information and education. Working people must have access to reliable facts about their rights and resources for mobilising for collective action if they hope to achieve economic justice. They need access to education that helps them prepare for the fast-changing world of work. They must also be informed about their rights—and the economic policies that shape their lives—in order to be empowered within their communities.

Finally, we must remember that corporations and employers wield immense power within our current economic system, which can distort market forces and lead to inequality. This power imbalance can be difficult to overcome, but it is worth fighting against—because organizing around it has the potential to create real change for working people.


We will continue to fight for economic equality, for access to useful, meaningful work, and for the right to fair pay. We celebrate the power of the working class, and we call on all members of our society to join us. We understand that we all have an important role to play, and that together we are stronger.

We are fed up of the status quo, and we are determined to challenge the system in order to create a better world. We will continue to inspire others to join us in our struggle, to help build a healthier, fairer, and more equitable society. The power of the working class will never be held down by the racism, sexism, and other systemic issues that serve to keep us divided.

We will keep fighting until the power of the working class is felt in every aspect of our lives. It is time for a new dawn, and it is time for the working class to have their rightful say. We have seen what we can accomplish when we stand together, and this is only the beginning. Through determined collective action, we can make a powerful statement, one that will challenge the system and create meaningful change. We will march on until we reach the society that we all know is possible.

The working class is the most powerful force on earth. When it is mobilised, no force can stop it. We reject the absurd double standard which encourages massive rewards for those at the top whilst everyone else has to suffer. We demand equality and emancipation.

It is now the moment for the working class to join together and take back what belongs to them. With their powerful force, there is virtually nothing that can stand in their way.

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