May fiddles Brexit

May fiddles brexit

May Fiddles Brexit

May was a Remainer, of course, so we understand that she does not have an ideological investment in Britain leaving the EU.
But she should have had an ideological investment in the UK and more so in democracy.

No matter your stance Remainer or Brexiteer no one voted to become a vassal state.

Even the arch remainer and Anti Corbyn extremist Peter Mandelson writes: “Britain, in effect, would be entrapped and the more you think through the implications the more the whole thing looks less like a soft Brexit than a national humiliation.

He goes on to say better to be completely out or fully in.

How sorry must the swing voters that voted in May purely on her promise of “Brexit means Brexit” in last year’s General election be feeling now knowing that Brexit really does not mean a thing to a Remain Prime minister!
They really should have gone with a Eurosceptic Jeremy Corbyn who holds democracy above all.

The big question now. Can this deception stand?

Will the Tories continue to back a Prime Minister that betrayed not only her own Tory voters but the very democracy she says she stands for?
Will they all go down together or will they back a failed leader who has lost all credibility?

This coming week will see who amongst the Parliamentarians have any form of common decency to the British electorate and who amongst them will just follow May while she fiddles and fudges Brexit.

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