Mandelson’s Sham Analogy of the IRA and Hamas Whitewashes Gaza Crimes

Mandelson’s Sham Analogy Whitewashes Gaza Crimes

The Dark Prince Emerges from Shadows to Spin New Lies

As Gaza burns, the Blairite Warlock Peter Mandelson has the gall to equate Israel’s brutality with Britain’s conflict in Northern Ireland. This false equivalence aims to provide moral cover for war crimes and Labour’s stance.

Lord Mandelson ranted some demonic spell while on his podcast ‘How to Win an Election’ hoping to beguile the Blairite coven suggesting:

“This is cold blooded murder that has been visited on the Israeli people,”

“And for them just to sort of do nothing and not to take the fight to Hamas, to stop them doing this again … would be ridiculous,” he added.

The Labour grandee went on: “That’s what we had to do in Northern Ireland during the seventies and the eighties. And yes, we did disable the Provisional IRA.

He claims Israel militarily is in the process of “disabling” Hamas, as Britain supposedly did to the IRA, of course, it’s all fiction. Not only is Israel bombing indiscriminately and killing thousands, but the IRA endured as an undefeated force, eventually transitioning to democratic politics through the Good Friday Agreement. They were not bombarded into submission.

“This is cold blooded murder visited upon the Israeli people,” Mandelson proclaims, trying to justify Israeli defence force excesses as fighting terrorism. His cynicism insults all who lost loved ones or longed for peace. Northern Ireland stands as a lesson that retribution prolongs bloodshed – compromise brought reconciliation.

Unlike Gaza today, Northern Ireland saw no wholesale deprivation with siege tactics and stopping of food, water and electricity. While abuses occurred, wanton collective punishment was not a tool of oppression.

Above all, the lopsided civilian death tolls expose the sham analogy. In just weeks, over 8,000 Palestinians have perished in Gaza – dwarfing Northern Ireland’s entire conflict toll of 3,720. Whitewashing this asymmetric slaughter reveals Mandelson’s moral blindness.

Even in the late 1970s and 80s, attempts were made at communication between warring sides, even the Thatcher goverment had talks. Israel silence’s Gaza’s cries with bombs.

It was the face-to-face battles with British special forces in the Northern Ireland conflict that saw the IRA suffer heavy losses. Good inteligence and following assults by the SAS resulted in dozens killed over time. Despite allegations of an assassination campaign, operations remained targeted.

There was awareness of potential civilian casualties, Bloody Sunday was a terrible lesson, learnt well. Unlike Gaza today, communities were not indiscriminately bombarded. Like it or lump it, while abuses occurred there was always a restraint.

The only use of our air force was to transport troops or a helicopter, equipped with a night sun, beaming down on a contact area.

The SAS clashes, though bitter, retained a grim honesty. Armed men fighting armed men. Not Israel’s overwhelming firepower unleashed on a captive, impoverished population.

The fact is no matter how you cut it, even after IRA bombs had indiscriminately killed innocent civilians, or snippers had taken their shoots, we didn’t carpet bomb West Belfast or cut off Derry while babies died in their incubators.

You have to ask, whether the IDF would conduct indiscriminate bombings in civilian areas if Hamas were hiding within the Israeli population…of course to them Palestinian lives have no value.

If Israel is determined to destroy Hamas, then use its not-to-shabby special forces. Cry havoc and let the dogs lose but we can all see that this goes beyond mere retaliation; it is a campaign of genocide and territorial expansion, with the goal of erasing Palestine from the map.

Mandelson’s false moral equivalence whitewashes this asymmetric slaughter of innocents. Whatever one thinks of Britain’s tactics then, the lopsided carnage in Gaza today bears no resemblance. His skewed logic sanitises potential war crimes.

So has the Dark Prince spins his lies in hopes of clouding scrutiny of war crimes. He is an apologist for atrocity, nothing new for him or Blair. But as for Northern Ireland it saw earnest efforts at peacemaking; Israel has chosen belligerence stoking endless conflict.

By invoking a false equivalence, this discredited schemer aims to corral Labour dissenters back into line. But the oppression of Gaza is too grave for half-measures. Labour has betrayed its principles, history will be Mandelson’s judge, the electorate Keir Starmer’s. Some stains cannot be spun away.

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