Man in the Mirror

Chuka Umunna

Jeremy Corbyn critic Chuka Umunna has called for an inquiry into Labour’s local election campaign.

Mr Umunna said the advances which could be expected at this stage in the electoral cycle under a “divided and incompetent” Government had failed to materialise.

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Live on national television, once again Chuka was premature in his criticism, demanding an independent inquiry into Labours local election results. The results were only in mid-flow that afternoon when Chuka already smelt blood.

It was another deliberate attempt to undermine the Left of the Labour Party and in particular Jeremy Corbyn. Taking into account Chuka’s constant attacks, you could almost feel his delight when he thought he had found more ammunition to throw at his own Party Leader.

He asked for an independent inquiry! He wanted to know what went wrong, why Labour had not performed better.

The answer could be in the fact that you, Chuka Umunna, on the eve of important Local elections, continued your relentless campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, the Labour Party you owe your very position to, the very same Party whose members you are supposed to represent.

In no reality would going on LBC with this headline “Chuka Umunna Is Furious over Labour’s Dealings with Anti-Semitism” be seen as promoting the great work that the Labour Party does and has done for generations in the fight against racism and anti-Semitism.

Nobody challenges the effect AS and anti-Semitism allegations have on a Party or the people, and that it must be addressed. But really, nobody needed a verbal reminder on the eve of local elections. If anything needed saying it would have been that Labour is well on the way to stamp on any racist or AS abuses and rightly so. Labour has always been the Party of equality. Its machinery to carry out discipline may run slow but no slower than in any other type of work. Even the court system in the UK runs at a slow pace but this ensures that all evidence and sides are taken into account, thus returning a safe verdict.

Yesterday Mr Umunna said that concern over anti-Semitism allegations had “undeniably” been a factor in areas such as Barnet but this did not play out in Bury, the largest Jewish community outside of London. The Labour Party maintained its dominance in Bury and in a surprise result, took Ramsbottom from the Conservatives.

Chuka continued saying that, along with voicing his “frustration” that Labour’s Brexit policy is not “more distinct” from the Government’s.

News: Mr Umunna only you and your ultra Pro EU group Progress are muddying the waters on the EU. Labour have made it very clear saying from the very start:

  • We respect the result of the referendum to leave the EU.
  • We are leaving the EU.
  • We are leaving the single market.
  • We are leaving ‘The’ Customs Union but want to renegotiate ‘A’ customs union with OPT-OUTS from EU rules that inhibit our manifesto.
  • No second referendum.
  • No Future referendum.

Where in this world would any politician think it a good idea to complain about their own Party and then expect the voting people of England to vote for them? If you are looking for an inquiry, just take a quiet moment and then sit in front of the mirror to see what you are doing wrong.

Your own progress opinions are what’s making voters distrustful. They see the Labour right – the Blairites, on every occasion attacking the Leader and the Party. The Blairites are hardly running a positive campaign strategy that is aimed at promoting Labour. Progress is determined to bring Labour down or back to the Right of New Labour. It’s a negative campaign and one that’s doomed to fail.

In the words of Che Guevara “, I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man.” The fact is “you will never kill the idea!

But in this case maybe this would be a better quote:

Che Guevara

If you want Labour to do better, Chuka, I would suggest taking a long hard look in the mirror and then you decide if it’s Socialism or Neoliberalism you care about. Decide if it is the people you are supposed to represent or only the people behind you like Progress, Blair and Mandelson.

Hint: they are all in the past and the future is with the Socialist Left and Jeremy Corbyn.

Never mind an inquiry into a Labour Party that is steadily and surely making gains and speaking to the people. Try conducting a self-inquiry and be the Man in the Mirror.

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