Liz Truss Resigns after 44 Days of Chaos now the Tory Buzzword to stave off a general election will be Stability.

Tory leadership race
Tory leadership race #ToryChaos

Liz Truss has resigned as Prime Minister, firing the starting gun on another Conservative leadership election.

In her resignation statement outside Number 10, Truss said the leadership election will take a week.

That week will see the coronation of a new Tory Prime minister, the bookies have Rishi Sunak odds on favourite but of course, Penny Mordaunt will be seen as the unity candidate, however, there are a few curve balls being thrown into the ring, including the massively popular Bring back Boris campaigners pushing from all sides to make their voices heard.

Johnson was forced out of No 10 on September 6 this year but he is understood to now be taking soundings about trying to get his old job back.

According to the Telegraph, where Boris Johnson once worked as a columnist he is expected to stand in the Tory leadership contest to replace his successor, Liz Truss. Obviously, they will suggest Johnson has a mandate from the people after his overwhelming victory in 2019.

It seems people have very short memories and have forgotten why Boris Johnson was evicted from No 10 in the first place. Boris Johnson was forced to resign in disgrace after countless lies, scandals and failures. The scandal of “partygate” has now become yesterday’s chip shop paper.

Unfortunately, there is no way to force a general election.

Sir Keir Starmer responded to Ms Truss’s resignation by repeating his call for an immediate general election as he said the “British public deserve a proper say on the country’s future”. The Lib Dems and SNP have also called for an election.

Whereas the Tories may be in utter chaos, that doesn’t mean they are stupid, like most monsters they will fight to the death; their poll ratings are so low they understand that going to the public would mean total annihilation.

The Tories won’t be dragged to the polls, no matter the kicking and screaming. From ‘now on in’ the Tory mantra will be “stability”. The claim will be at this time for the sake of the national interest, the country needs a ‘stable government,’ and only through the continuity of this government can that be achieved.

This will be their official tagline; the fact that this instability we are going through was a Tory creation just won’t be acknowledged or recognised, that’s gone down the memory hole.

Whichever way this week’s chaos goes, for most of us we will still be living in the nightmare of a Tory Britain with no reprieve, even if Starmer miraculously got his general election, we will still be living in a Tory Britain with no reprieve.

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