Liz Truss former Energy company employee, British prime minister, to give her former bosses over £150 billion of our money

Liz Truss energy
Liz Truss once worked for Shell one of the big five energy companies.

Just so we understand where we are on the Energy crisis.

Liz Truss has vowed Britain will “ride out the storm”, as the new UK prime minister began confronting an economic crisis with a promise of a massive energy bailout for families and businesses.

Truss, a former Energy company employee and now British Prime minister will give the Energy companies £150 billion in public money to stop the Energy companies from crashing the economy and ruining us all.

The money will be used to freeze annual energy bills at around £2,500 for the average household both this winter and next, and green levies will be scrapped.

Businesses will get protection from energy price rises in a pandemic-style government intervention that could end up costing more than £150 billion.

The energy price cap was meant to rise from £1,971 to £3,549 next month, but that will be cancelled. Instead, the annual amount the average household pays on energy will be set at around £2,500. All 28 million households will keep the £400 annual discount announced earlier in the year

Truss has repeatedly said she is opposed to windfall taxes, arguing that they “send the wrong message to investors.” But what really sends the wrong message out to investors is a country that has an economy that can be attacked and held to ransom by Energy companies that is a country that has lost control.

Senior Tories predicted the bailout would generate enough goodwill to guarantee her survival in No 10 until at least Christmas, but warned she had a big challenge keeping her deeply divided party in line beyond the new year.

This is not a bailout, this is extortion.

Let’s call it what it is, this is extortion by the oligarchy, facilitated by their agents, the government or more precisely, this Kleptocracy masquerading as a government.

A Tory government that is complacent in the gangster tactics being carried out by the Energy companies that have such great powers over us with their monopoly of our natural resources. Energy companies who will collectively make over £170 billion in excess profits over the next two years.

You may well ask what are ‘Excess profits’ these are profits defined by the Treasury as the difference between the profits energy producers are predicted to make in the future, and the profits they could have expected to make based on the outlook for prices before they started to extort the market in December 2021 by raising prices.

For all intents and purposes, we are led to believe the Energy companies have little choice but to raise prices due to mitigating circumstances. Liz truss had the audacity to blame the war in Ukraine for this extortion.

We all know that’s a lie. This energy crisis started way before the 24th of February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine.

The Energy crisis first hit our media in 2021, it came about as a result of poor planning and reaction to the last global crisis, covid.

The Russian invasion may well have exasperated the crisis, however, the fact the US used its weight to force Nord Stream2 to be shut down the day before Russia entered the ongoing civil war in Ukraine must be noted. This act in itself created a supply crisis that is still being played out with sanctions and refusals to supply.

After Nord stream 2 was stopped, luckily, he says with tongue in cheek, the US was there to help plug some of the supply issues. The US has stepped up and become the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Not only helping the US economy out of the covid economic downslide but helping the US fossil fuel industry and Biden’s close associates within the LNG industry. The US has been shipping LNG into Europe at a rate of billions a month.

There all cashing in.

Now we are not only paying the price rises set earlier this year, but politicians have also decided rather than taking on the Energy companies they will be using public money to feed the greed of the oligarchy who are using this crisis to cash in after two years of low profits due to covid. All facilitated by politicians with extremely close connections to the corporations carrying out this extortion. This is happening throughout Europe but again it must be noted this economic blackmail is hitting the UK hardest even though the UK was least dependent on Russian gas.

It must also be considered the UK have only one Energy company out of the big five providers. We will in effect be using our public money to prop up foreign firms some state-owned by other EU countries. The irony is for the right winger their rally cry was to take back control, maybe starting with our Energy would be a good

But as it stands there will be only one winner. The people will lose in every way.

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