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We are ‘Citizen journalist’ our aim is to bring Left wing News, views and opinions to the wider public. Along with other alternative media newsgroups we are fighting to bring balance to the biased worldwide News and media consortiums that are run in the interest of corporations, corrupt governments and politicians. Mainstream media continues to maintain its stranglehold on the information and news controlling what is known or not known. Our brand of guerrilla journalism includes public citizens “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analysing, and disseminating news and information hopefully trying to make sense in what can be sometimes a very confusing world.”

Paul Knaggs
Editor, founder, Labour Heartlands, Labour Party member and activist. Citizen journalist, Ex-British Army combat veteran. Drifting towards Revolutionary socialism. Fighting a constant struggle with dyslexia that’s overcome with a burning desire to speak out against the corrupt political system and the social injustices it creates. Advocate for Free speech and open, accountable, democracy. #GTTO
Maurice Glasman
Maurice Glasman, Baron Glasman is an English political theorist, academic, social commentator, and Labour life peer in the House of Lords. He is a senior lecturer in Political Theory at London Metropolitan University and Director of its Faith and Citizenship Programme.
Chris Williamson
Former council leader, shadow minister and MP for Derby North. Now working with others to build a grassroots, anti-imperialist working class movement.
Keith Hussein
Dr Keith Hussein, specialises in globalisation, culture and media, twenty five years in various FE/HE roles. has an MA and recent PhD (2017). He also writes publications on ethnicity and media.
Ashley Frawley
Originally from Canada and a member of Nipissing First Nation, Ashley Frawley is senior lecturer in sociology and social policy at Swansea University in Wales. Ashley lectures in the sociology of health, mental health and illness, social problems, social movements, and in the economics of social policy. Her research explores the rising importance attributed emotions and behaviour in an era of ‘no alternative’ to capitalism. Author of ‘The Semiotics of Happiness’ and Significant Emotions: Rhetoric and Social Problems in a Vulnerable Age.
John David Hopper
JD Hooper runs both the Facebook groups Eye’s Left and Political Provocateur. JD is a Labour Party activist and author.
Koser Saeed
Left wing activist, Journalist, Researcher, Editor Spotlight Newspaper’
Brendan Chilton
Brendan Chilton is director of Labour Future and a councillor in Ashford.
Mandy Clare
Mandy Clare became a member of the Labour Party, having always voted Labour, on the same day Jeremy Corbyn was elected in 2015.  Politics has consumed every single day since and in particular, campaigning to ensure better political direct representation for working class people within national and local politics.  Mandy is a local Borough Councillor and North West Convenor of the CLPD. She is also a member of Unite Community and the newly-formed Don’t Leave Organise coalition.

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