Jeremy Corbyn responds to being voted the ‘Best PM we never had’ in the NewsCorp-owned Times Radio’s poll.


A Twitter poll by Times Radio saw the MP for Islington North getting voted the ‘Best Priminister we never had’.

Some 12,300 votes were cast in presenter Matt Chorley’s “World Cup of Best PMs We Never Had”. a poll Corbyn was never supposed to win.

In an interview relating to the twitter poll win by the right-wing NewsCorp-owned Times Radio’s poll. True to his nature, Jeremy Corbyn used the moment to convey a message of hope to the people during this pandemic a time of insecurity and fear.

Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader in 2015, a result which marked a fundamental change of direction for the party.

His politics and natural sense of justice impassioned with the courage to speak out against inequality and oppression has invigorated a generation of Left wing activist.

Corbyn’s direction was to empower the people and the establishment certainly don’t want that. Corbyn’s leadership opened the door to activists from a wide variety of movements: from peace, to environmental, to racial equality or anti-austerity. People found not only a leader but their own voice too.

Although Corbyn stood down after the general election defeat of 2019 his political stature is of such magnitude Sir Keir Starmer will indefinitely be under Corbyn’s shadow.

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