Jeremy Corbyn: Brexit is day for ‘reflection, not celebration’


Jeremy Corbyn declared Brexit day should be a day of reflection. But gives a stark warning to other EU countries about the rise of the Far-right

“It’s a very important day for everybody, whether they voted Leave or Remain because it is deciding the future direction of our country. And we need to ensure that we do maintain good trade relationships with Europe, we do not tear up all the conditions and agreements we’ve received, and we don’t fall into the arms of free trade deals with the United States

Corbyn said the country must mull over the reasons why Britons voted in favour of leaving the bloc in a referendum in 2016.

He sounded a note of caution to socialist parties in Europe, warning that the voter discontent that resulted in an anti-Europe vote was prevalent in other countries as well.

“The conditions that led to the no vote in Britain also exist in France. They exist in Germany. They exist in the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain. Don’t run away with the idea that the anger in Britain about the way the establishment treated them isn’t replicated all across Europe. And that is where the danger in Germany is, that the far right rise. The danger in Austria and other places, is the far right rise. It’s up to socialists to put forward a coherent community alternative to what can be done in the future.”

In a tweet Jeremy Corbyn gave this message.

Corbyn also said the UK must exercise caution in signing trade deals with the United States. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday that post-Brexit trade talks with Britain would be “contentious”.

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