ITV News ‘MISTAKENLY’ announced the death of Pope Francis

Kylie Pentelow Pope Francis

ITV announced the death of Pope Francis.

ITV News presenter Kylie Pentelow accidentally mixed up her words on the Christmas Day evening bulletin which made it sound like she announced the death of Pope Francis.

Presenter Kylie Pentelow was reporting on 85-year-old Pope Francis’s annual Christmas Day message from a rain-soaked St Peter’s Square in the Vatican City.

However, during the report, some wires were seemingly crossed as she went from the Pope’s comments on Covid vaccines to announcing that he had just died.

Pope Francis, who is alive, delivered his Christmas Day speech from St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican on Saturday and condemned the ongoing conflicts in countries such as Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

The Holy Father said: ‘We have become so used to them [conflicts] that immense tragedies are now being passed over in silence; we risk not hearing the cry of pain and distress of so many of our brothers and sisters.

‘Son of God, comfort the victims of violence against women, which has increased in this time of pandemic. Offer hope to young children and adolescents suffering from bullying and abuse.’

Referencing the Covid pandemic, he added: ‘Grant health to the infirm and inspire all men and women of goodwill to seek the best ways possible to overcome the current health crisis and its effects. 

‘Open hearts to ensure that necessary medical care – and vaccines in particular – are provided to those peoples who need them most.’

During this news piece about the Pope’s Christmas address, journalist and newsreader Kylie Pentelow said the Pope “said vaccines should be made available to those most in need”.

Ms Pentelow went on to say “his death was announced… excuse me” Pentelow seemed to recognise her mistake immediately and apologised to the viewers before ending the segment and moving on.

Pope Francis, 85, is alive and well he has been head of the Catholic church since 2013.

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