Gogglebox have just utterly dismantled Sir Keir Starmer.


Sir Keir Starmer was ripped to shreds by both the show’s armchair viewers and Andrew Marr the presenter on the program they were watching in this popular fly on the wall program.

Starmer responded constantly to Marr’s questions with “I support the government,” This provoked one of the shows family members to respond with the jibe “If this was a drinking game and you had to drink every time he said “I support the government” you would be drunk by now!”

Another of the show’s armchair viewers stated: “He’s confusing me now, I thought he was Labour”

There was universal contempt among programme members for Starmer’s unwillingness to take a position on anything.

Adding insult to injury Andrew Marr repeated Boris Johnson’s description of Starmer calling him ‘Captain Hindsight’ suggesting, Starmer is good at criticising things they used to do (The Tory’s) but whatever they do now you just agreeing with them.

Where this was hilarious in lots of ways it also made very uncomfortable viewing for many that had hoped against hope that Sir Keir Starmer would be a viable opposition leader, for others, it just compounded the fact that Starmer after only five years as an MP is out of his depth but worst he is the centrist we all understood him to be.

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