George Galloway: Warns pro-union candidates to either get their act together or he will do the job for them.

George Galloway heads the Workers Party of Britain

George Galloway has said he could contest Margaret Ferrier’s Rutherglen and Hamilton West seat if a by-election is called.

The former Labour and Respect MP is heading up the Alliance for Unity party, which is planning to stand in May’s Holyrood election on an anti-independence ticket.

Ms Ferrier is under pressure to resign after a 800-mile round trip to Westminster while suffering from Covid 19, but has so far refused to step down.

She is now facing the prospect of a recall process if the Commons authorities suspend her and 10 per cent of her constituents back a petition demanding a by-election.

Mr Galloway has now called for just one pro-union candidate from either Labour, the Tories or Liberal Democrats to stand if any by-election is called, in a statement on Twitter.

“The three main pro-union parties better make a deal whereby they all stand aside for each other – starting with the by-election which MUST be called for Rutherglen and Hamilton West,” he posted.

“Or they will all be facing me in that by-election (no matter who phones me…).”

George will be a force to contend with and he’s got a growing Party to back him.

George Galloways is one of the UK most expericed politicians today. He now heads the Workers Party of Britain, a new Party that is fast becoming a force to contend with. The Workers Party has become a home for Left-wing activists and the political refugees from the Labour Party who have found themselves homeless after Labour took a right turn in selecting Sir Keir Starmer for its Leadership.

Socialist have gravitated towards the honest articulated politics that George Galloway’s Workers Party represents. 

With Scottish independence still the SNP’s only horse, it looks like George is going to continue to disrupt politics and ensure any fight to be had he will be in it and coming out from a Left a wing corner.

George Galloway who was expelled after 16 years as a Labour MP in 2003 with Jeremy Corbyn
George Galloway, who was expelled after 16 years as a Labour MP in 2003, for opposing the illegal Iraq invasion Stop the War Coalition pic with Jeremy Corbyn

The Workers Party believes in the importance of a planned economy, in the directing role of the state. Free-market fundamentalism has gutted Britain of its industries, undermined our manufacturing and productive industries, castrating our society and adversely destabilising proud working-class traditions, culture and way of life.

Our country needs the state to guide the economic life of the country in such a way as to promote work, to respect the dignity of labour, and to serve the working people. All adults have a duty to work in a useful fashion, according to their talents and abilities, and society has an equal duty to ensure that useful employment is available to all, part-time or full-time according to the domestic, health and life constraints of the worker.

Mr Galloway, who now lives in the Borders area of Scotland, wants an end to the dominance of the constitutional issue in Scottish politics.

The Alliance for Unity has been formed with the Workers Party of Britain – Scotland and is described as “an Alliance of all who wish to see the defeat of the SNP and an end to the Neverendum on Scotland’s future”.

The alliance will be standing on the list in next year’s Holyrood election.

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