From Human Rights to Accusations of War Crimes Support: Labour’s Leaders in Spotlight

Labour's Alleged Complicity in War Crimes
Labour's Alleged Complicity in War Crimes: A Call for Justice

Labour leadership issued notice of intention to prosecute for complicity in war crimes in Gaza

The stench of hypocrisy emanating from the Labour Party has become overpowering. This band of lickspittle lawyer-politicians, who never tire of flaunting their human rights credentials, now stand accused of aiding and abetting war crimes.

The latest ludicrous figures facing potential prosecution are none other than Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry, and Shadow Defiance Secretary David Lammy. All highly-paid servants of the British people. All supposedly committed to truth, justice and human rights. And yet all apparently happy to justify the bombardment medieval siege of civilians in Gaza as mere “self-defense” by Israel.

Before we go any further, let us speak frankly. No morally serious person would condone the nihilistic savagery of Hamas and its atrocities that were caried out on Israeli civilians. This benighted Islamist outfit is a cancer that merits excision by military force.

However, the undoubted wickedness of Hamas must not blind us to an important moral distinction – their guilt does not justify the collective punishment of the entire Palestinian population. Two wrongs do not make a right.

The brutal siege on Gaza, depriving its people of food, water and electricity, is a form of hostage taking that transgresses all ethical norms. That leading Labour lawyers should justify such cruelties exposes their moral bankruptcy.

To countenance the humiliation and starvation of innocents in the name of counter-terrorism and self-defense is the philosophy of the concentration camp. Decent people recognise that the crimes of Hamas, appalling as they are, do not obviate the humanity of the Palestinians. They remain our fellow men and women, deserving of their human rights.

By supporting Israel’s draconian stranglehold on Gaza, Labour’s lawyer-politicians reveal that their supposed concern for human rights is mere posturing. They are hypocrites whose righteous rhetoric masks an ends-justify-the-means amorality. For the sake of power, they have sacrificed principle.

The charges come from the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians, which has issued a formal notice of its intention to prosecute these politicians for their disgraceful cheerleading of Israeli atrocities. Both Starmer and Thornberry, in their British members of parliament, have brazenly defended Israel’s illegal collective punishment of the Palestinians through the withholding of water, food and power.

This is the same Starmer who moralises about integrity in public life, who claims to stand for fairness and decency. A man who has risen to the summit of our democracy on a raft of virtuous promises. And yet like so many of his fellow politicians, his true principles are wafer-thin. His commitment to human rights seemingly stops at the border of an allied state.

Truly, the public should be appalled but not surprised that men like Starmer are willing to sacrifice their values on the altar of political expediency. Our governing class is concerned not with doing what is right, but doing what is convenient. These preening imposters claim to represent British values, yet are mired in hypocrisy up to their necks.

Starmer and his colleagues are in esteemed company alongside Tony Blair, who dragged our nation into an illegal war based on lies and obfuscation. Once again, the moral decay at the heart of our democracy imperils us all. Justice must be served, no matter how lofty the defendant. The British people demand better.

Their sanctimonious sophistry over Israel’s so-called ‘right to self-defence’ is but a flimsy fig leaf covering the naked truth – that they support the subjugation and humiliation of the Palestinians through an inhumane blockade. A people starved of food, water and power is deemed unworthy of their solidarity.

Yet these three lawyers ardently endorsed the war crime of forced displacement inherent in Israel’s order to 1.1 million Gazans to immediately abandon their homes. Ethnic cleansing, it seems, is permissible when politically expedient.

The irony of a former Director of Public Prosecutions like Starmer now facing potential prosecution for war crimes is glaring. This over-promoted mediocrity clearly believes legal principle should bow before power politics. His careerism has reduced law to mere rhetoric.

If there is any justice, these posturing Labour imposters will be held individually accountable by the International Criminal Court for the human misery they have enabled. Their moral bankruptcy shames the legacy of true Labour. They belong on the wrong side of a court dock, not on the opposition benches.

A call for an immediate ceasefire and a peace would have cost Labour’s leaders nothing but goodwill. Yet they cravenly refused, preferring hollow platitudes about Israel’s ‘right to self-defense.’ To claim that the medieval siege of Gaza and the cutting off of food, water and electricity are justified. This is to condone the slow death of a people.

It is to place political expedience above innocent lives. By sanctioning the collective punishment of civilians, Labour’s lawyer-politicians have blood on their hands. A few fine words about human rights are rendered meaningless when they actively enable crimes against humanity. They chose complicity in oppression. It has given support cost the loss of Palestinians lives.

This move follows a recent warning issued by ICJP to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, signaling that government officials might individually bear legal liability for their support of Israeli war crimes. The ICJP’s claim rests on the politicians’ publicly expressed, unequivocal backing of Israel’s actions in the region.

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