Former SNP leader Alex Salmond launches new political party


Former SNP leader Alex Salmond has announced the creation of a new pro-independence party which will stand in the Scottish Parliament election.

Salmons annoced the new party stating the Alba Party expected to field at least four candidates across every region of the country.

The new pro-indy party, founded by journalist Laurie Flynn, Journalist Laurie Flynn registered the party, whose aim is to deliver a supermajority for independence. in Holyrood by encouraging Yes supporters to back them on the list.

The former first minister, who quit the SNP amid a bitter feud with Nicola Sturgeon, will attempt to make his political comeback for the little-known Alba Party.

He will be the party’s leader and he will stand on the regional List in the North East.

If he is elected, it will be his third separate spell in the Scottish Parliament.

Alba Party was registered at the Electoral Commission this year.

The SNP on going fall out

On Wednesday, Salmond threatened further legal action against Leslie Evans, Scotland’s most senior civil servant, saying he felt compelled to do so because she “still refuses to accept real responsibility” for the expensive failures of the internal inquiry into harassment claims against him.

He also called for a police inquiry into the leak of the Scottish government’s botched harassment inquiry findings. Nicola Sturgeon, who was cleared of breaching the ministerial code over her dealings with Salmond around the claims, has made clear her support for Evans.

On Tuesday, the two women who originally made sexual harassment complaints against him described a culture of permissiveness at the heart of government, where a “blind eye” was turned. Following a subsequent police investigation and trial, a jury acquitted Salmond of all charges.

Salmond, who served as first minister of Scotland from 2007 to 2014, has previously served as MP and MSP for Banff and Buchan, where he continues to enjoy considerable local support.

Of the Scottish parliament’s MSPs, 73 are elected to represent first past the post constituencies, whilst the remaining 56 are elected by the additional member system.

Scotland: Political Battleground

Scotland will be a battleground this election. The failing mainstream parties will be contesting seats but there will be new and old parties entering the Fray. Parties like George Galloways Workers Party along with the new face CPB, the Scottish TUSC election campaign also launch in February.

We will give our readers a full analysis of their democratic choices next month as the Scottish battle ground heats up.

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