Energy crisis: The size and scale of the crisis is beyond what I think the industry can deal with


Watch these energy CEOs talk about the impact of higher energy costs on consumers. Scottish Power CEO says the situation will be “truly horrific” and called for a “massive shift in govt policy”.

While these Energy CEOs call for Government intervention as they paint a bleak picture of debt and fuel poverty. The CEO of Scottish Power, Keith Anderson, warned the energy price crisis will become “truly horrific” without urgent Government action.

The shift that’s needed is the ‘nationalisation’ of energy. unfortunately, the mainstream parties are still blind to common sense and common ownership.

Today, it is essential that public ownership be part of any future political manifesto in its true form. Utilities must be brought under public ownership in the true meaning of the word nationalisation, it not only makes economic sense it’s also a matter of security.

Ironically while Starmer’s Labour moves further away from Nationalisation, it is needed more today than at any other time since the 1940s. 

The Labour party have no plans to bring nationalisation to their manifesto no matter how sensible the policy would be, no matter how much public ownership of our utilities makes economic sense. It’s time to look elsewhere if we want to change society to serve the common good and not the few.

I’ve never expected the Tories to nationalise their feeding troughs, but for Labour to give up on probably the best and only socialist policies is a betrayal of both its economics and ideology.

Labour’s abandonment of nationalisation is a betrayal of the working class and the principles Labour was built upon.

Starmer’s recreation of the Labour Party upon the ruins of Blairism and New Labour is the wrong ideology while this fuel crisis shows its wrong economically. 

Starmer has rejected Nationalisation as Blair did, even though Starmer made that pledge for state ownership in his leadership contest, he now claims state ownership is not nationalisation, Weasley words from a real barrister. He also made the claim that part of the reason Labour failed so much in 2019 was an overloaded manifesto.

I can assure you that giving people free broadband was not a vote loser, we all know why Labour lost 54 English seats, 52 of which voted to leave the EU.

No doubt Peter Mandelson’s influence is paramount to Starmer and Labour party’s blatant u-turn on the fundamentals of democratic socialism. The Labour Peer come lobbyist who represents banks, oligarchs, and firms like Centrica—the company behind the mass sacking of British Gas engineers—is helping to direct Labour strategy.

For his ‘day job’, Mandelson owns and runs a company that takes Michael Gove to dinner and hires former Tory Ministers; as a hobby, he tells Keir Starmer what to do, after all, they are both Trilateralist and their aims are a world apart from the working classes.

Labour’s abandonment of nationalisation is a betrayal that couldn’t have come at a worst time.

However, none of that is relevant when we examine the current issues, with Energy bills soaring by over 54% for 22 million households from the beginning of April, adding £693 to the annual bills of a typical household.

Meanwhile, inflation is set to hit an eye-watering 7.25% in April, according to new Bank of England forecasts released on Thursday.

The prediction would mean that disposable incomes would fall by around 2%, according to Bank estimates, the worst impact since records began in 1990.

The Bank hiked its base interest rate from 0.25% to 0.5%, a move it hopes will take some pressure off households.

It’s hard to see how Labour’s lazy copout policy of a one-off windfall tax and another scheme to insulate homes will make a degree of difference. Of course, removing VAT from energy will help but let’s be honest, this can only happen ironically because we have left the EU, something both Starmer and Mandelson vigorously campaigned against.

Perhaps Labour should do a little joined-up thinking and understand that in the real world if fuel prices continue to hike not only do the poor disproportionately suffer but businesses dose too. That will invertedly lead to unemployment, as well as nationally, being unable to compete with countries like France who have capped their nationalised energy company giving industry an advantage.

Nationalisation is the best solution, we are now entering a European energy crisis, and any political party that wants the people’s support needs to make the case for nationalisation.

Nationalisation is the only and best answer. If not Labour then we must look elsewhere.

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