Coronavirus: Sir Keir Starmer self-isolating after household member showed COVID-19 symptoms

Sir Keir Starmer flaunts social distancing rules three days before household member showed COVID-19 symptoms

The Labour leader will be forced to miss a House of Commons debate on the government’s proposal to override the Brexit deal.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is self-isolating after a member of his household “showed possible symptoms of the coronavirus”, the party has said.

The person displaying symptoms has had a test and Sir Keir is now awaiting the results “in line with NHS guidelines”, they added.

The Labour leader will not be speaking in Monday’s Commons debate on the government’s post-Brexit plans.

However, he is not reported to have shown any coronavirus symptoms.

Sir Keir Starmer – who is due to address the TUC Congress on Tuesday – found out about the concerns over the member of his household following an appearance on LBC radio on Monday morning.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “The prime minister has spoken to the leader of the opposition this morning and gave best wishes to him and his family.”

MPs will debate the bill at its secondly reading from 16:30 BST (15:30 GMT), with the PM making the opening remarks, and it is expected to pass this early stage after a vote at around 22:00.

We wish Sir Keir Starmer and every member of his household well and a safe recovery but we also cannot help but point out our earlier article that condemned Starmer for flouting social distancing rules and although they COVID outbreak in his household may not be connected it’s very coincidental that chesterfield suffered an outbreak the next day forcing a school to close.

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Sir Keir Starmer was seen to be flouting social distancing rules last week as he mingled with the residents of Chesterfield

Highlighted are the restrictions broken. Starmer took the time for a photo opportunity around Chesterfield. Even if you ignore the two metres rule it’s clear the number of people Starmer is mixing with is contravening these two rules for the sake of posing round Chesterfield instead of opposing in Westminster.

  • avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group you are with, even if you see other people you know
  • limit how many different people you see socially over a short period of time

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The very next day after Sir Keir Starmer’s visit a Chesterfield school was closed due to a Cornonavirus outbreak. Safety and an example of safety should always be set by our politicians that expect the public to abide by social distancing rules.

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