Coronavirus: 8,000 more hospital beds and 20,000 staff given over to the NHS from the private sector

Coronavirus: 8,000 more hospital beds and 20,000 extra staff join COVID-19 fight

The COVID-19 crisis helps create a truly national health service, all working together to combat the greatest threat currently facing mankind.

In an unprecedented move the private health service will hand over staff and hospital beds in a not for profit move, joining forces in the fight against Covid-19

Nearly 20,000 fully qualified staff will join the NHS response to coronavirus pandemic after a deal with the private sector which will include 8,000 more hospital beds being made available.

The extra resources, now secured by the health service, will not only be available to treat coronavirus patients, but will also help the NHS deliver other urgent operations and cancer treatments.

National Health Service will also gain access to nearly 1,200 more ventilators and other critical care facilities that have come under intense pressure as the coronavirus crisis intensifies.

The deal will give the NHS access to 10,000 nurses, over 700 doctors and more than 8,000 other clinical staff.

In London, which has been hit the worst by the coronavirus outbreak, the NHS will now have access to 2000 hospital beds, and over 250 operating theatres and critical beds.

NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens said they were dealing with an “unprecedented global health threat.”

He said: “The NHS is doing everything in its power to expand treatment capacity, and is working with partners right across the country to do so.

“But it is absolutely vital that this is matched by successful and comprehensive adoption of the public measures needed to cut the spread of the virus.

‘We all have to play our part to help offset the enormous pressure that our nurses, doctors and other specialists will otherwise face.’

Matt Hancock, Health Secretary said: ‘I know how hard the NHS have been working to secure extra beds and staffing.

‘This is great news for the hospitals and staff doing everything they can to combat Coronavirus. I want to pay particular tribute to those heroes returning to front line to support their colleagues and help as many patients recover from the virus.’

On Tuesday NHS England announced that NHS Hospitals across the country are taking a range of action to prepare, including freeing up 30,000 of the overall 100,000 beds available by postponing non-urgent operations and providing care in the community for those who are fit to be discharged.

The NHS is also sourcing up to 10,000 beds in independent and community hospitals, 8,000 of which this deal now delivers.

Under the agreement, the independent sector will reallocate practically its entire national hospital capacity en bloc to the NHS.

It will be reimbursed, at cost – meaning no profit will be made for doing so. ‘Open book’ accounting and external auditors will verify the public funds being deployed.

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