Abbott’s Ordeal: The Tragedy and Treachery of Starmer’s Labour Party

Labour MP Diane Abbott
Labour MP Diane Abbott

The Labour Party is Institutionally Treacherous.

Once again, Sir Keir Starmer has reminded us all why describing the Labour Party as a “progressive” force is akin to terming Genghis Khan a philanthropic daycare provider. In the latest debacle exemplifying their rapid descent into an authoritarian personality cult, revelations have emerged of Starmer’s bare-faced deception over the Diane Abbott disciplinary saga.

For weeks, the Knight Commander has maintained a brazen lie, insisting repeatedly that Abbott’s case was still in the hands of the NEC, even as the investigation had been completed as far back as December 2023. It was only through an investigation by BBC Newsnight that the truth came to light – the NEC had issued Abbott with a formal warning in December, instructing her to complete an online antisemitism training course by February.

The programme found Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) had written to Ms Abbott in December 2023, to say it had concluded an inquiry into her comments.

It issued her with a “formal warning” for “engaging in conduct that was, in the opinion of the NEC, prejudicial and grossly detrimental to the Labour Party”.

Campaign group Momentum has said the Labour whip “should already have been restored”.

Ms Abbott was an independent MP when Parliament was prorogued on Friday, May 24, ahead of the General Election on Thursday, July 4.

“Today’s revelation confirms this is another brazen lie from Keir Starmer – the investigation was concluded months ago, Diane remains a Labour member and the whip should already have been restored as a result.

“Starmer’s conduct has already been insulting and demeaning to a woman he rightly called a ‘trailblazer’ – the first step to making amends is to restore the whip and let Diane run as the Labour candidate, as local members wish.”

Unveiled: Starmer’s Betrayal of Diane Abbott

Starmer’s conduct in this matter has been nothing short of insulting and demeaning, a slap in the face to a woman he once called a “trailblazer.” The revelation of his duplicity has only further eroded the already tenuous credibility of a party that claims to represent the values of truth and justice.

So while Abbott lingered in limbo as an independent MP, deprived of the Labour whip, Starmer persisted in his brazen misdirection. His cynical manipulation of her plight lays bare this control freak’s obsessive drive to ruthlessly discipline any remnants of the Democratic Socialism that once formed Labour’s ideological core.

But the treachery runs deeper still. Even as Abbott’s whip has been restored, it is now understood that she will be prevented from standing as the candidate for Hackney, in much the same way her former boss, Jeremy Corbyn, was barred from representing Islington North. The Labour Party, it seems, has become a bastion of exclusion, where dissenting voices are silenced and those who dare to express support for alternative political views, democratic socialist views are swiftly cast aside.

According to The BBC Abbott had the whip restored today, and that party officials had tried to broker a deal by which she would not run again in return for the whip being restored – but it is not known if she has accepted such an arrangement. How extremely kind Labour offers Abbot a way out that suits only them…

Labour’s Moral Bankruptcy: Starmer’s Deception and Ideological Purge

Under Starmer’s tenure, the Labour Party has undergone a metamorphosis, shedding its working-class roots and embracing the neoliberal consensus that has long dominated the political landscape. Gone are the days when it stood as a bulwark against the excesses of capitalism and the erosion of workers’ rights. In its place stands a party that has become a willing participant in the very system it once sought to reform.

For those who still cling to the fading embers of hope within the Labour Party, the words of Tony Benn ring true: “If the Labour Party could be bullied or persuaded to denounce its Marxists, the media – having tasted blood – would demand next that it expelled all its Socialist and reunited the remaining Labour Party with the SDP to form a harmless alternative to the Conservatives, which could then be allowed to take office now and then when the Conservatives fell out of favour with the public.”

Tony Benn labour

Under Starmer’s leadership, that time has come. Any torch held for the Labour Party has been reduced to a mere flickering ember, a dying light that struggles to pierce the darkness of its betrayal and treachery.

Let’s be clear – under the “modern” Labour guidance, Abbott’s unforgivable sin was the audacity to even fleetingly associate with the ‘wrongthink’ represented by her former leader, Jeremy Corbyn. In Starmer’s morally bankrupt universe of faux-ethical grandstanding, the man is now a non-person to be airbrushed from the past.

This systematic purging of all ideological heterodoxy underlines the uncomfortable truth – Labour no longer represents a credible opposition to the corrupt duopoly that is the Tory-Liberal government. They are merely the “safe” riot police called in to restore order whenever working people dare demand meaningful, systemic change.

Whether one agrees with Diane Abbott’s views or not is ultimately immaterial. What her Kafkaesque ordeal lays bare is the chilling authoritarian mindset now fully entrenched within Labour’s upper echelons. Starmer’s flagrant lies and underhanded machinations to sideline Abbott represent a cautionary glimpse into the ruthless hardline he would unleash upon any dissenting voices daring to challenge his regime’s neoliberal diktats.

Her case serves as a chilling warning, a harbinger of the draconian measures that will be brought to bear upon any dissenting voice should Starmer and his neoliberal acolytes secure power. With Abbott’s ordeal, the Labour Party has fully capitulated to the neoliberal consensus, abandoning any pretence of being a champion for the working class and the marginalized. It has embraced the very forces it once sought to resist, sacrificing its principles and its soul on the altar of power and conformity.

The ruthlessness with which Abbott has been sidelined, lied about, and denied the fundamental right to represent her constituents is a stark testament to the authoritarian impulses that now course through the veins of Starmer’s Labour Party. It is a party that has lost its way, a party that has turned its back on the ideals that once defined it, and a party that now stands as a monument to the triumph of the establishment over the will of the people.

Starmer 1984
Starmer only offers a dystopian future

The Neoliberal Consensus

Both wings of this neoliberal hydra ultimately serve the same moneyed interests, trading off shifts at the helm to gaslight us into believing participatory democracy still thrives. In reality, they comprise a Uniparty apparatus designed to preserve the inequities that immiserate the working multitudes.

So let the Abbot debacle be the final wake-up call to those still deluded that Labour holds any redemptive potential. Our deliverance lies not in their hollow blandishments, but in decisively repudiating the entire sham of British electoral politics. Only by rejecting their two-headed chicanery can we clear the path for a true democratic renaissance – one that restores power to the people, not the princeling class and its quisling facilitators.

As we cast our votes in this pivotal election, we must remember that our choices today will shape the legacy we leave for generations to come. Do we resign ourselves to the sham of democracy, where voting is a mere ritualistic process, devoid of meaning and consequence? Or do we rise up, reclaim our collective power, and demand a system that truly represents the interests of the many, not just the privileged few?

This 4th of July, if you want real change then the choice before the British people has never been starker. Do we continue to perpetuate the cycle of broken promises and disenfranchisement, or do we find the courage to break the chains that bind us to this neoliberal duopoly?

Our hope, it seems, lies in the emerging parties – the Workers Party, the Socialists, and the Independents who stand firm against the onslaught of corporate interests and the erosion of true democracy. It is in their ranks that we may find the spark of resistance, the flame of change that has been all but extinguished within the ranks of Starmer’s Labour Party.


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