A Party Rotten to the Core: Labour Expel Liverpool Pensioner Audrey White

Audrey white
A party rotten to the core, that can’t tolerate being held to account by a 71 year old. Even Stalin might’ve blushed

A party rotten to the core, that can’t tolerate being held to account by a 71 year old. Even Stalin might’ve blushed – Audrey White

Audrey White the Liverpool pensioner that confronted Sir Keir Starmer on his compulsive lying and misrepresentation of his pledges and policies has just been expelled from the Labour Party.

The expulsion comes only four days after her confrontation with the duplicitous Starmer, however, in a twist the letter claims that Audrey a lifelong member of the Labour Party was expelled in February however, due to an administration error there had been a delay in sending the letter.

The pensioner and activist confronted Sir Keir Starmer when he visited Liverpool last week, she said the Labour leader has ‘made lots of promises he has reneged on’.

During a trip to a local cafe, the Labour leader was confronted by a group known as the Merseyside Pensioners Association (MPA) the secretary Audrey White, accused Starmer of ‘feeding into Tory ideology’.

Starmer was visiting the city, for the first time since writing a column for The S*n, to outline his plans for economic growth during a conference at The Spine.

A video of the confrontation – shot by film makers Hazuan Hashim and Phil Maxwell – has gone viral on social media.

White said: “He’s made lots of promises which he’s reneged on, I know a lot of people in the Labour Party who aren’t enamoured. When I heard he was coming to Liverpool I thought this would be a great opportunity to corner him.

“I’m a 70-year-old woman from Liverpool, I wasn’t shouting, this was planned at the last minute, but I’m pleased I’ve done it because it has resonated with millions of people across the country and it’s been great.”

The Labour Party did not comment on the exchange.

In an interview with Liverpool world, Audrey white was forthcoming in explaining why she had confronted the Labour Leader.

Who is Audrey White? Campaigns and controversies

Audrey White led a long campaign against sexual harassment to change employment law after she was sacked in the 1980s for complaining about the harassment of women at the Lord John clothes shop in Liverpool, where she was a manager.

A film, Business as Usual, was released in 1988, where White was played by Oscar-winner Glenda Jackson, who was a Labour MP for 23 years.

White said she told Starmer she was sending him a letter during their confrontation on Monday from her lawyer complaining about the ‘lack of due process’ over suspensions in the Party.

“I thought he might have engaged in conversation, it was only at the very end he said he had listened to me and would read my letter. He didn’t know what to say.”

She added: “You look at Starmer, he’s not being criticised by the Labour Party in contrast to Jeremy Corbyn who is being attacked at every opportunity.

“The press are handling him with kids gloves and you look at the members of the Labour Party who are intimidated by threat of expulsion for saying anything.

“I’ve always stood up for justice and even the employment laws for women we fought so hard for are difficult to implement even though the law is on the statute books, women are still in the main in casual and insecure work.

“I’m still trying to stand up for ordinary people.

“Labour needs to find a way forward. It is bankrupt of ideas and doesn’t stand for the interests of the working class and equality across society.”

Audrey White acknowledged that she had been suspended by Labour ‘at least twice and possibly three times for speaking out’ but maintained she had never been expelled by the Party.

Is there no end to the levels of depravity the Labour Party are willing to stoop?

In 2020, the Jewish Chronicle agreed to pay damages and issued a public apology to Ms White about articles published about her in 2019 which included details of alleged bullying and a plot to oust former Liverpool Riverside Labour MP Dame Louise Ellman.

White said: “There is nothing clear cut you can answer to, you don’t even get the chance to have your say it’s hard to say what you were suspended for. I still haven’t been unsuspended from the previous suspension.

Last week Audrey believed herself to be currently under suspension for speaking to the Socialist Appeal newspaper.

“You’re still a member until you’re expelled. I have never been expelled from the Labour Party.”

It seems this could be a case of Schrödinger’s cat. Are you still a member till you receive notification of your expulsion?

Most right-minded people would say so but maybe the barrister Keir Starmer has different ideas, well at least this week.

A party rotten to the core, that can’t tolerate being held to account by a 71 year old. Even Stalin might’ve blushed”

Audrey White wrote in her tweet: “4 days after I challenged Starmer to his face about lying to party members, I receive this letter from Labour HQ terminating my membership. Shameless & vindictive. A party rotten to the core, that can’t tolerate being held to account by a 71 year old. Even Stalin might’ve blushed”

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