A Clash of Mediocrity: Sunak vs. Starmer in the Midsummer Election Bout

Dishy Rishi vs. The Mugwump Starmer: A Spectacle of Stagnation

Ding Ding! Dishy Rishi vs. Sir Kid Starver: A Spectacle of Stagnation

Well, well, well…the Tory tailor has finally exhausted his bag of stitched-up tricks and decided to let the People speak. How merciful of Rishi Sunak to finally submit to this outdated ritual of democracy. Do wake me when it’s over, won’t you?

In the blue corner, the plucky but punchless “Dishy Rishi” Sunak, former chancellor, austerity enforcer turned butter-wouldn’t-melt underdog. And facing him in…well… the blue corner, Sir Keir “Kid-Starver Starmer,” mouthing platitudes while madly shadow boxing with his own irrelevance.

So let the phantom bout of the gamma-minus heavyweights commence! Let these leeches of the body politic flail away in a sweaty dialectic of dullness from which neither can possibly emerge the victor. For what is there to decide other than whose remorseless fist of tedium shall pummel the electorate into board submission?

A Summer of Phony Election Battles

The illusion of democracy in British Politics…

Our charmless Prime Minister crows that this surprise July 4th general election will finally put scrutiny on Labour’s grand vision for the future. But Sir Keir Starmer’s prospectus appears to contain all the depth and daring of the Shipping Forecast. Beyond platitudes about “economic stability,” their policy cupboard stands barer than Diogenes’ famous search.

Not that the Tories offer anything more compelling than a lash of their own austerity hair shirt. Both these plodding managerial cliques agree the proles must keep cinching their belts, with nary a glimmer of ambition beyond balanced books and green credentialism. How bloomin’ edifying for the plebs.

Still, we mustn’t be too hard on either party for their lack of substance. It’s not as if their ideological vacuity is a new phenomenon, is it? Ever since both main gangs immolated themselves on the pyres of Blairism and inherited Thatcher’s TINA doctrine, they’ve offered nought but a Dolly Mixture of neoliberal centrism and authoritarian nanny statism.

The foot soldiers on either side will no doubt treat us to the usual circus of partisan hysteria, banalities, and bacon butties or dal pie-scoffing photo ops over this next month. But the smart, sober elector knows there’s little more at stake here than a re-arranging of the deckchairs on the blameless for whichever bunch of mediocre prefects gets to administer this managerialism next.

Conform to this Brave New World of the Uniparty “The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.” ― Antonio Gramsci

Not that any of this stops the temporarily empurpled nerds in the Tory ranks from fooling themselves into thinking they’re launching some bold heist to reclaim the Silent Majority. Talk about grasping at straws from the arrondissement of irrelevance.

Labour’s young metropolitan wokemeisters will doubtless get the biscuit for thinking they’ve got this one sewn up purely by dint of not being the Undead Tory Revenant. The naivete would be rather sweet, if their pounding dullness of imagination didn’t bear its own dangers.

Any verdict for the same old lesser-of-two-evils politics would simply empurple the turncoat windbags further. And before we know it, we’ll be arguing over deckchairs on the Titanic once more as the country slips beneath the waves.

It’s a case of ‘Place your bets, one and all!’ Will it be Sunak’s plodding, jab-jab-jab of austerity puritanism…or Starmer’s smothering, obliterating blanket of managerial boredom that finally puts us to sleep? The smart money’s on a technical draw by way of collective coma.

Galloway, Starmer Andrew Feinstein
This general election will see Left wing independents and Left wing emerging parties standing up and down the country.

But enough about the headliners! Where’s the real action, the undercards promising at least a glimmer of succour from the numbing grind? Why, anywhere but the main event of course! Any ruckus – any at all – that might briefly rouse us from this stupor of stagnant two-party sclerosis.

With that, the only flicker of interest this stale summer slogfest might offer is the prospect of a hung parliament spurring some new constitutional pretzel-twistings. Or perhaps an outbreak of Independents and fringe fancies making mischief on the Commons backbenches? Do pray for something – anything! – to puncture the miasma of relentless greyness enveloping this realm.

An outrider of plucky libertarians to shake the monolith’s foundations? A salvo of spunky socialist upstarts to put the fear of the miner’s strike back into Westminster’s heart? Or even just a rash of wildcat indies willing to theatre bomb the whole bloated puppet show with cogent dissent?

corbyn galloway

One can but dream that this tepid summer’s campaigning might offer more than the usual state-accredited punch-and-judy of “you say tomato, I say tomahto” and shouts of he’s behind you…But whether delivered by way of a hung parliament logjam or raucous voices from the fringe, some upheaval to jolt the stillborn status quo would be more welcome than another Pyrrhic victory parade for our undead democracy.

So let the “fight” begin! Just don’t expect this correspondent to be placing any wagers on either of these bores until the preliminary headcases hit the canvas first…

Let’s pray for a deluge of emerging parties like the Workers Party and independents filling the pews at the Houses of Commons. Let us pray for a miracle that ends this uniparties grip on these once sweat and pleasant lands…

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