Venezuela: Senator Chris Murphy says “..we tried to construct a kind of coup”

Venezuela, imperialism and militarization

Venezuela, imperialism and militarization

Donald Trump and the most sinister parts of the American regime are revealing that the “America First” slogan is nothing more than the rhetoric of a reloaded imperialism.

Amidst the global turmoil unleashed by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. has decided to ramp up its imperialist aggression and interference in the Venezuelan government. Its continued interference and acts of imperialism have become an embarrassment to the American people.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing on the Trump Administration’s Venezuela policy, the result was a clear understanding of how the US government conducts itself in the name of the American people and its not pretty.

Senator Chris Murphy says U.S. strategy on Venezuela has been an “embarrassing mistake.” “..we tried to construct a kind of coup in April of last year and it blew up in our face when all the generals that were supposed to break with Maduro, decided to stick with him..”

“..we are recognizing someone as the leader of Venezuela who doesn’t control the government, who doesn’t run the military, and he doesn’t even hold office.”

Sen. Murphy remarks on Guaido’s refusal to participate in Venezuela’s upcoming elections.

When questioned in today’s hearing, Elliott Abrams did not deny or even respond to Senator Chris Murphy’s premise re: the April 30, 2019 failed coup attempt, fake humanitarian aid stunt in Cucuta, the fact that Guaido controls 0 institutions..

Chris Murphy goes on to say: It’s a total disaster. After a year and a half, Maduro is stronger, American influence is weaker, and there is no viable path to restore democracy in Venezuela. A case study in international relations malpractice.

Elliott Abrams speaking before the Senate on how the U.S. openly tries to buy off generals of the Venezuelan military. Abrams says that all sorts of outreach (to military leadership) is taking place through Southcom and via other means.

The backyard of bipartisan imperialism

But the clamor for war is not only coming from the offices of the Republican Party. The Democratic Party and the liberal press who just yesterday said that Trump must be impeached are today applauding the offensive against Venezuela.

As Jeremy Scahill of The Intercept points out, for the Democratic-Party-aligned liberal media, “The story is just ‘Maduro is a corrupt socialist dictator. He needs to be taken out so that Venezuela can be free.’ The central role that the U.S. has played under Bush, under Obama, and now, under Trump in destabilizing Venezuela, it’s just an afterthought, if it is even mentioned at all.”

Hugh Hewitt, one of MSNBC’s favorite commentators, declared on Meet the Press: “it is far more important to shut down the Maduro government than our government. And I think Donald Trump is leading there and he is winning there because of Bolton and Pompeo going down to see Bolsonaro and Duque. That’s going to happen. That’s going to bring us together.”

Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin seemed to speak for the bipartisan establishment when he welcomed Trump’s decision to recognize the newcomer, declaring on the Senate floor his support for Guaidó.

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