Trilaterals Over Westminster: Starmer’s Hypocrisy in Denouncing the Deep State He Belongs To

Deep state, Starmer's Secret Ties to Globalist Cabals

Sir Keir Starmer’s Deep State Denial: He’s hoping we forget his membership of the Trilateral Commission

The Washington Post, renowned for uncovering the Watergate scandal, also shed light on the Trilateral Commission, an organisation often associated with the controversial concept of the “Deep State.” In a 1992 article titled “Beware the Trilateral Commission!“, David Mills described the group as “the shadow government,” “the Establishment,” and the “global elite” operating behind closed doors.

Mills wrote: “Behind closed doors (of course), they are meeting this weekend in Lisbon. Some call them “the shadow government,” “the Establishment,” the “global elite” that runs the world.

They call themselves simply … the Trilateral Commission. (Chills run up spine.)

trilateral commission
Trilateral commission 1973

The Trilateral Commission has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories, with accusations ranging from anti-nationalism and anti-democracy to anti-Christianity and anti-worker sentiments, ultimately aiming to establish a one-world government. Regardless of the specific claims, the organisation’s secrecy, elite membership, and lack of accountability raise legitimate questions.

But no matter which, the fact remains the Trilateral Commission is an extremely secretive, elite unaccountable and powerful organisation.

Not A Conspiracy

And here’s the kicker — while the notion of a ‘Deep State’ might seem far-fetched to some, Sir Keir Starmer’s smug dismissal rings false. With his membership in the sinister Trilateral Commission, this protege of the shadowy Lord Mandelson belongs to the very globalist cabal he derides.

Starmer hopes his sophistry will make us forget his allegiance is not to the people, but to the anti-democratic technocratic elite. His mocking words cannot disguise the rotten core behind his carefully crafted facade.

Do not be fooled – Starmer is a card-carrying member of the ‘Deep State’ itself. His masters decree that power should rest in the hands of the unaccountable few, not with the disempowered many. And he will follow his orders.

The Trilateral Commison

Mandelson, Starmer
Mandelson and Starmer are both members of the globalist elite organisation the Trilateral commission

The Trilateral Commission—an epicentre of globalist ideologies. This exclusive organisation has a long history of undermining genuine democracy worldwide, leveraging its unimpeded influence within the echelons of power.

And Starmer not on his own, his éminence grise, the man behind the throne, the Prince of Darkness himself, Lord Mandelson, also belongs to the Trilateral Commission, that hotbed of globalist groupthink.

Of course, they have had plenty of other prestigious members, bosom buddies like Jeffery Epstein another good friend and member of the gang.

This elitist organisation has long been dedicated to subverting real democracy worldwide through its unfettered access to the corridors of power.

Peter Mandelson shopping with Jeffrey Epstein on December 27 2005 in St. Barts
Trilateral commission pals, Lord Peter Mandelson, and Jeffery Epstein

As the incisive Noam Chomsky has highlighted, the Trilateral Commission’s 1975 report ‘The Crisis of Democracy‘ exposes their profoundly anti-democratic agenda. In its Orwellian rhetoric, this liberal imperialist manifesto argues that too much freedom and civil participation threatens stability and order. For them, ordinary people having a political voice is an inconvenience to the ruling class that must be suppressed.

The report chillingly complains of an “excess of democracy” in recent decades. Can you imagine the gall? Giving the masses too much liberty is a ‘crisis’ for these entitled elites. Chomsky perceptively described the Trilateral mindset – “If people are becoming too independent and free, they may start to overthrow our benevolent tyranny, so we have to get them back to passivity, apathy and obedience.”

In plain terms, the report demands that populist politicians, trade unionists, activists and academics promoting participatory democracy must be silenced and disempowered. Why? Because increasing public involvement and scrutiny threatens to hold our unaccountable leaders to higher standards. And the Trilateral oligarchs will not stand for that!

For them, true democracy is the problem, not the solution. People power is a threat, not a right. No wonder they are infesting centre parties like Labour with their acolytes. Rent-a-quote technocrats like Starmer and Mandelson who will maintain the failed status quo that serves the 1% while ignoring the cries of the suffering masses.

Neither should we forget only a few short months ago Labour Party frontbencher David Lammy attended a Bilderberg Group meeting, unfortunately, we don’t quite know what was on the agenda or what was discussed, it’s all a little secret you see, with no records taken.

Again the very nature of this group contradicts the principles that a supposed Democratic working-class Party should uphold. Yet, the Labour Party appears to have no rules regarding membership in secretive, unaccountable, and elitist organisations with hidden agendas.

Baroness Moyo and David Lammy
Baroness Moyo and David Lammy

We cannot allow these neoliberal entryists to hollow out democracy from within. Their ideology undermines social solidarity and the mechanisms of civic participation. In their warped view, freedom means submission to elite diktat and corporate dominance. It is not true liberty at all, but a tyranny of the rich.

Labour has disconnected from its roots and solidified its rotten ties to these agents of oppression. Our crisis is not too much democracy, but too little. We need a renaissance of people power, not technocratic paternalism. Starmer’s hollow sophistry and manipulative messaging cannot disguise his allegiance to the anti-democratic forces holding back progress. The time has come to abandon that rotten party and form anew, a party for the many, not the privileged few.

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