Trafalgar Square: Anti-lockdown protesters corner police officers chanting ‘Choose your side’


Trafalgar Square protest: Thousands of anti-vaxxers and coronavirus sceptics gather in central London.

Thousands of people have descended on central London to protest against mass coronavirus vaccinations.

The event, organised by opponents of lockdown measures, saw coronavirus sceptics and so-called “anti-vaxxers” holding banners and chanting “freedom” in Trafalgar Square.

Some branded the Covid-19 pandemic a “scam”, while others read: “Save our rights. No mandated vaccines.”

Addressing the crowd to huge cheers, organiser Kate Shemirani said: “We are the resistance.

The protest was advertised with an image showing a vaccine bottle and urging people to “Come together, resist and act”.

Scuffles broke out between some demonstrators and police, with officers moving in on protesters as they congregated near Nelson’s column.

The protesters formed human blockades opposite the officers to stop them from making arrests.

Then the protested started to push forward causing the police to retreat while chanting “Choose your side”

video courtesy @Marsh4LL1

Dozens of Metropolitan Police officers, including some on horseback, later moved in for a second attempt to break up the gathering in Trafalgar Square.

Traffic was brought to a halt as protesters erected a blockade in a bid to prevent officers from making arrests.

The argument extended to twitter with lots of tweets expressing condemnation at the protesters and their apparent recklessness in protesting saying: “As we all begin again to lose relatives, friends, work colleagues and neighbours, please remember the faces of those gathered in Trafalgar Square today. They are Covid-19 deniers. Along with our incompetent Tory government, they are the reason that many more of us will die.”

Twitter user wrote: “Trafalgar Square London, I wonder how many people at this anti-lockdown protest will regret for the rest of their lives infecting and killing an elderly relative?

“Or will they be in denial about that too?”

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