Top Tories Warn: Get Rishi Out or Lose Out

Get Rishi Out or Lose Out
Get Rishi Out or Lose Out

Sunak’s Days Numbered as Tories Face Oblivion, Warns Former Ally

Rishi Sunak’s time as PM looks limited as warnings grow that he’ll lead the Tories to electoral oblivion. Former ally Sir Simon Clarke says the party faces “extinction” under Sunak’s “uninspiring leadership.”

A new poll suggests a fresh Tory leader touting core Conservative values could defeat Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer. When asked to choose between Starmer and a tax-cutting successor getting tough on migration, voters in most seats favoured the hypothetical new Tory.

Sir Simon Clarke, who served in the Treasury while Mr Sunak was chancellor, said “Extinction is a very real possibility” with the Prime Minister at the helm. Writing in the Telegraph, he said: “Rishi Sunak has gone from asset to anchor.”

Sir Simon said Mr Sunak was not solely to blame for the party flagging in the polls during an election year, but insisted “his uninspiring leadership is the main obstacle to our recovery”.

“The unvarnished truth is that Rishi Sunak is leading the Conservatives into an election where we will be massacred,” he wrote.

Sir Simon Clarke
Sir Simon Clarke has called for a change in leadership (UK Parliament)

For the flailing Sunak, this is an ominous sign. His weak polling has backbenchers restless, with some calling publicly for change before it’s too late. Sunak’s half-baked Rwanda plan barely quelled rebellion last week.

Former Brexit secretary Sir David Davis said: “The party and the country are sick and tired of MPs putting their own leadership ambitions ahead of the UK’s best interests”.

david davis
Sir David Davis warned his Tory colleagues to be cautious (UK Parliament/Maria Unger/PA)

Sunak seems destined to lead his Party over the cliff edge. For the Tories, according to their supporters, only a new leader championing true Conservative values can plausibly dent Labour’s lead. But even then the public hunger for real change would remain unmet.

However, it is looked at for restless Tory MPs, Sunak increasingly resembles a captain steering his ship adamantly yet complacently onto the rocks. Even if ousting him appears chaotic, the alternative is sleepwalking into oblivion. The sand in Sunak’s leadership hourglass runs low.

Sunak’s Struggles Reflect The Hollowness of U.K. Politics

I want change
I want change

Rishi Sunak’s flailing leadership spotlights a deeper malaise – the ideological decay of both main parties leaving voters uninspired. The Conservatives face ruin under Sunak while neither party now offers meaningful distinction from the sagging centre.

Sunak satisfies neither right nor left, just as Starmer’s technocratic managerialism lacks inspiration beyond “not being Tory“. The public crave conviction politics, but find only stale homogeneity from an out-of-touch political class.

This partisan convergence strips elections of real democratic choice. Voters deserve better than two parties offering budget cuts in different shades of blue. Yet the sclerotic status quo prevails, defended by elites resistant to reforming a rigged system they profit from.

We could rejoice at the demise of the toxic Tories if it wasn’t for the fact it only brings Starmer’s bought and paid-for Labour to power. The lack of credible opposition reflects the hollowing out of British politics.

Come the next election, the biggest losers will be the British public whatever the result. Until parties rediscover their ideological roots and offer transformative visions, this politics of stagnation will continue failing ordinary people.

Sunak’s struggles are merely symptoms of a democracy captured by moneyed interests, not popular needs. Only outsiders unbound by the failures of the past can revive the hope of a nation, reviving a lost dream to serve the people and not the Oligarchy. Real change will require upending, not tinkering.

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