Rotten Borough MP Peter Bone Faces Deselection After Recall Petition Success

Peter Bone
Tory MP Peter Bone Scandal: A Disturbing Glimpse into Westminster's Decadence

Scandal-Hit Tory MP Faces Own By-Election Headache

Rotten Borough MP Peter Bone faces his own deselection battle after constituents gathered sufficient signatures to force a recall by-election.

This follows the charmless Bone being suspended for six weeks over bullying and sexually harassing staff. But true to the pinstriped gargoyle type that now populates the Tory backbenches, he bleats innocence and complains the process is ‘bizarre’ despite hard evidence upholding the claims.

The Independent Expert Panel ruled Bone had exposed himself indecently during an official overseas visit. He was also found to have bullied and intimidated the staff member through verbal attacks, physical aggression and throwing objects.

Bone continued protesting his innocence although an appeal against the suspension was thrown out. But the victim alleges Bone’s sustained harassment left him psychologically “broken” and like the “shell of his former self”. Bone was suspended for six weeks.

North Northamptonshire Council confirmed the 10% threshold for a recall had been met during a six-week petition process. Now constantly absent Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will face yet another electoral test early in the new year after voters in Peter Bone MP’s seat have successfully triggered a by-election.

Bone has been sitting as an independent after losing the Conservative whip in the aftermath of the ruling. In a statement published on social media, Mr Bone said having a by-election seemed “bizarre as 86.8% of the electorate did not want to remove me from office, nor for there to be a by-election, and yet we are still to have one”.

Maybe someone should read him the rules…

The deselection vote represents another headache for Sunak as he tries to restore order after months of turmoil. But Bone remains defiant, in his defence, the veteran politician, who has been spotted in Westminster in recent days, said the allegations against him were “totally untrue and without foundation”.

By-Elections Woes Compound Conservative Calamity

Rishi Sunak must wonder if he walked under a ladder or spilt salt this comes so soon after October’s wretched Tamworth and Mid-Bedfordshire contests. Losing two ‘safe’ seats with 20,000 plus Tory majorities suggests ominous portents for the PM’s grip on power.

With ongoing chaos over Suella Braverman’s dodgy behaviour and calls for bullying inquiries. And all on the heels of Boris Johnson’s disastrous legacy! Is there no end to the Conservative talent for shooting themselves in both feet then somehow locating the leftover cartridges to pump in fresh rounds?

Yet this should surprise nobody. Treachery and incompetence are embedded so deeply in the party’s DNA that disasters arrive as regularly as London buses.

Voters meanwhile face the dilemma of grasping Starmer’s insipid New New Labour trick or carrying on under these dismal Tories they clearly detest. Some choice! With Labour policies indistinguishable from the Conservatives, voters are more worried that either lot will eke out a few more years till the whole system collapses.

But what is true is this Tory rabble has certainly been taking a thumping of late! By-election loss after ghastly by-election humiliation has left their wretched government staggering like a punch-drunk heavyweight and along comes another one…

What a choice the electorate face! On current showing, the next election threatens either a reanimated Blair tribute act or the most shambolic Tory party since the dying days of John Major.

With Labour overturning chunks of real estate the size of Northamptonshire hints the writing may be on the wall for this discredited administration.

Let us hope the voters of Wellingborough display better moral judgment than their wretched MP by kicking this miscreant to the curb at the first opportunity.

Well, folks, it seems Britain’s options boil down to a thrilling choice between bland technocrats or the less-than-stellar snake oil merchants. Brace yourselves; if Starmer’s uninspiring robo-governance doesn’t kickstart a peasant revolt, we might just witness a full-blown societal collapse before the clock strikes 2030. Place your bets wisely – it’s shaping up to be quite the spectacle!

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