RMT Union Votes to Continue Strike Action

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RMT Members Vote Overwhelmingly in Favour of Fresh Rail Strikes

In a clear message to their employers, members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union have voted overwhelmingly in favour of fresh rail strikes. The dispute centres around pay, job security and working conditions, and if unresolved, industrial action could continue until November.

Almost 90% of the 20,000 eligible workers employed by 14 train operating companies voted in favour of further action on a turnout of 70%. All ballots passed the 50% participation threshold imposed by the government’s anti-trade union laws, giving the RMT a clear mandate to call for further strikes.

According to RMT general secretary Mick Lynch, the results are a de-facto referendum on the dispute, demonstrating that members are not willing to accept a pay offer based on mass job cuts and attacks on their terms and conditions. Lynch stated that rail workers’ anger is genuine, and employers need to negotiate in good faith for a better deal for workers.

General secretary Mick Lynch said “It is clear from these results that members are not prepared to accept a pay offer based on mass job cuts and major attacks on their terms and conditions…

“This sends a clear message to the employers that the huge anger amongst rail workers is very real and they need to recognise that fact, face reality and make improved proposals…

RMT’s Third Mandate in National Rail Dispute Sends Clear Message to Employers

The continued threat of industrial action will undoubtedly cause significant disruption to rail services and will put pressure on the government to intervene. However, the RMT’s clear mandate and determination to fight for fair working conditions for its members cannot be ignored.

This ongoing strike highlights the importance of unions in protecting the rights of workers. As the RMT continues to fight for fair pay and working conditions, it serves as a reminder of the need for strong unions in safeguarding workers’ rights and holding employers accountable.

The RMT’s decision to continue with strike action sends a clear message that workers will not be silenced or ignored in their fight for fair treatment.

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