Margaret Hodge says that tuition fees and reversing austerity are ‘bribes’ to the electorate.

Margaret Hodge says that tuition fees and reversing austerity are 'bribes' to the electorate

Margaret Hodge, the Labour MP has been slammed after a video emerged of her claiming that her own party’s manifesto pledges to scrap tuition fees and reverse the last decade of Tory cuts – policies which she stood on in the 2017 General Election and which helped to increase her majority by over 8,000 votes – are not the way to win elections.

Her claims that the manifesto was “whole range of unrealistic promises”, is probably the most insulting statement a Labour Party MP could make. She also seems to shares the former Progress member and chair Chuka Umunna opinion on the Labour Party manifesto, Umunna also said that scrapping student fees and renationalising  utilities is waste of money.

whole range of unrealistic promises,

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At the annual conference of the right-wing Blairite Labour Party faction, Progress, Hodge was recorded claiming that her party had made a whole range of unrealistic promises,

before going on to label Labour’s manifesto policies to scrap tuition fees and reverse Tory cuts as “bribes” to the electorate:

“Finally, finally, I want a Labour Party that brings honesty into our politics.

“What we’ve got, if we do have anything, is a whole range of unrealistic promises. Whether it’s on reversing all the cuts of the last decades, whether it’s on promising that we’ll do away with tuition fees, those are promises that will not be fulfilled.

“And that unrealism, those sort of bribes actually in my view – in an era of scepticism simply against policies and politics – is not a way to win an election.”

You can watch Hodge’s astounding comments below:


It was these very policies that witnessed Hodges increased majority a majority she had not seen since the very peak of New Labours popularity in 1997, a full 21,698 voters in Margaret Hodge’s Barking constituency voted for her as their Labour MP to represent them – giving the party a massive vote share of 65.8%.

However, the only time these figures have been beaten was in 2017 under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership – where a massive 32,319 people voted for Labour, giving her an even bigger vote share of 67.8%.

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