Jeremy Corbyn calls for civil service inquiry after health claims

Jeremy Corbyn calls for an immediate General Election

Corbyn hits back at ‘nonsense’ ill health reports as he calls for investigation into civil service

Jeremy Corbyn has called for a government investigation after a national newspaper reported claims about his health, allegedly based on information from civil servants.

Mr Corbyn said it is “very concerning” that civil servants had briefed the Times with details of his health as he rubbished the claims.

Anonymous civil servants reportedly told the newspaper that the 70-year-old could be forced to stand down because he was not up to the job “physically or mentally”.

In a statement issued to the press, Mr Corbyn said:

There must be an investigation into which senior civil servants are spreading fictitious information to the press and in the process compromising the integrity of the civil service.


The Times has constantly run articles attacking Jeremy Corbyn have said it was briefed by two senior civil servants with suggestions the Labour leader may have to stand down over supposed health issues.

Mr Corbyn has called it

a farrago of nonsense and tittle tattle.


Jeremy Corbyn stated:

“The civil service has to be independent,” he said, adding: “It has to be non-political and has to be non-judgemental of the politicians they have a duty to serve.

“I would make that very clear if we were elected to government.

“There must be an investigation into which senior civil servants are spreading fictitious information to the press and in the process compromising the integrity of the civil service.”

Spotlight Jeremy Corbyn: A Very British Coup

30 years ago, a novel by Chris Mullin was adapted for television and ‘A Very British Coup” hit our screens. The plot saw Harry Perkins, the left-wing Leader of the Labour Party beating all the odds to become Prime Minister.

Harry sets out to dismantle media monopolies, withdraw from NATO, carry out unilateral nuclear disarmament, and create an open government. Many people in the media, financial services, civil service and the intelligence services are deeply unhappy with Harry’s win and his policies.

They unite to stop him via campaigns of misinformation including questioning the state of Harry’s health; is he fit enough to be PM? Cue today’s Times headline, ‘Corbyn too frail to be PM, claims civil service’ …. Speaking to The Times a senior civil servant said: “When does someone say he is too ill to carry on as leader of the Labour Party let alone Prime Minister?”

Pathetic, but part of the well prepared ground to undermine and defeat an incorruptible, democratic socialist leader. #StandByCorbyn Credit for the find: The Daily Politik.


Mr Corbyn, who was at an event to mark Armed Forces Day, added: “I am a very fit, healthy active person. I love what I do and I love my community and love being outdoors.”

In a statement, the Labour Party said: “These Times stories are a series of false, fabricated and absurd allegations hiding behind anonymous sources with a transparently political agenda.

“For any senior civil servant to falsely claim the leader of the opposition is ill, frail or forgetful, is a disgrace and a clear political intervention. In a democracy, the people decide who is prime minister.

“The claim that Jeremy Corbyn is ill, frail or forgetful is entirely false, and clearly part of a deliberate misinformation campaign. Jeremy is in good health, runs and cycles regularly, and has an excellent memory.”

Labour Heartlands supplement:

The Times has constantly run articles attacking Jeremy Corbyn or indirectly by attacking Corbyn’s Left-wing supporters. Often with outlandish headlines such as ‘Exposed: Jeremy Corbyn’s hate factory‘

The Times is wholly owned subsidiary of News Corp, run by Rupert Murdoch. Its reporting as often been brought into question.

Perhaps it would be more constructive for civil servants to look at the latest medical research into the long term effects of cocaine use after recent confessions by Tory Party Leadership contenders.

Mental health hospital admissions linked to cocaine use treble in 10 years

NHS data shows surge in England, with increased availability of drug and government cuts blamed LINK

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