General election: It beggars belief, Chris Williamson will not be allowed to stand for the Labour Party.

chris williamson
“We’ve done more to address the scourge of anti-Semitism than any political party.”

Chris Williamson will be standing as a candidate for the people.

Chris Williamson will not be allowed to stand as a candidate for the Labour Party after NEC ruling.

Members of Labour’s ruling NEC suspended Chris Williamson, the MP for Derby North in February after he claimed that Labour had been “too apologetic” in response to criticism of its handling of antisemitism allegations.

The Derby North MP was readmitted to Labour and issued with a formal warning following a hearing of Labour’s National Executive Committee antisemitism panel in June.

This immediately created an angry backlash from Tom Watson Labour’s deputy leader who raised a petition signed by a number of right wing MP’s and peers calling on Jeremy Corbyn to overturn the decision.

In a statement led by Watson along with some MPs and peers that said they could not “overstate the depth and breadth of hurt and anger felt about the readmission of Chris Williamson into the Labour party”.

“It is clear to us that the Labour party’s disciplinary process remains mired by the appearance of political interference. This must stop. We need a truly independent process,” the statement said.

It is understood that Tom Watson was allowed to sit on the NEC panel in any stretch of the imagination it is inconceivable that Watson could be unbiased in anything relating to Chris Williamson.

Tom Watson is a member of the controversial Labour Friends of Israel mentioned in the undercover documentary the Lobby showing alleged Israeli state interference in UK politics and particularly the Labour Party.

Tom Watson showing support for the controversial group Labour Friends of Israel 

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Keith Vaz the disgraced Labour MP who is now himself suspended from the Commons for six months after a report condemning him for “expressing willingness” to buy cocaine during an encounter with male sex workers was one of the people to sit on the three person NEC panel that reinstated Chris Williamson Vaz then crumpled on his decision after angry voices were raised by Watson and his posse.

The following day Keith Vaz said the decision to readmit Chris Williamson to the Labour Party should be “reconsidered”, despite him voting for Chris Williamson readmission.

The resulting controversy and pressure applied by Watson meant that Chris Williamson’s readmittance was overturned and he once again found himself having the whip removed and being resuspended.

With massive public support Chris Williams took the Labour Party to court where the judge ruled in favour of Chris williamson and against the Labour Party. The Judge expressed the ‘re-suspension’ was a result of outside pressure.

The judge also confirmed that Chris’ ‘re-suspension’ must have been motivated by media hysteria. The judge said: “it is not … difficult to infer that the true reason for the decision in this case was that [NEC] members … were influenced by the ferocity of the outcry following the June decision.”

In fact, the party’s decision was so unfair as to be unlawful: Chris’ original suspension has been quashed, and all of the allegations presented in that suspension can no longer be pursued against him.

In a twist the Labour Party issued Chris Williamson with another suspension on September 3 – one week before the court hearing – In Chris’ words, this third suspension was “based on a series of preposterous allegations that I answered fully and swiftly.”
The judge ruled that there was “nothing in the new allegations, the timing of the letter of 3 September or the decision to suspend that entitles me to take the view upon the papers that the Labour party is acting either unfairly or other than in good faith”. He added: “I therefore refuse relief in respect of Mr Williamson’s recent re-suspension. The new disciplinary case must run its course” (the full judgement is available here).

This new suspension showed to what length the right wing of the Labour Party is prepared to go in its relentless campaign to quell socialist within the PLP.

It is believed that Chris Williamson will be standing as an independent Left wing candidate for Derby North following massive support from not only his own constituency but around the country.


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