Free Assange: US May End Witch Hunt After Years of Abuse

The Ossietzky Prize
Assange's Battle for Truth

Freedom of Speech on Trial: Julian Assange Matters

After over a decade of relentless persecution more befitting a Kafkaesque totalitarian dystopia than a supposed beacon of democratic values, the faintest glimmer of rationality may finally be penetrating the miasma enshrouding Julian Assange’s unconscionable ordeal. In comments doubtlessly sending shockwaves through the bowels of America’s bloated national security karass, President Biden has confessed to “considering” acceding to Australia’s impassioned pleas to abandon this draconian prosecution circus.

A Glimmer of Sanity in the Assange Fiasco? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Let’s be clear – the mere acknowledgement that the arbitrary internment and prolonged psychological torture inflicted upon the WikiLeaks founder could theoretically end represents an unprecedented concession from the imperial apex dead-set on making an exemplar of Assange. The fact Washington deigns to even ponder releasing its Promethean detainee from Belmarsh’s dank clutches signals the mounting pressure this sordid debacle has incurred upon America’s battered international standing.

Of course, one should sternly resist any premature exhales of relief. For we have seen this vindictive security state prevail upon truth-tellers and conscientious whistleblowers far too often to lend such tepid reassurances much credence. Recall how the very same American “justice” system now professing openness to “considering” clemency for Assange previously conspired under Trump and Biden both to assassinate him on British streets. Or how the judge overseeing his grotesquely corrupted trial was thoroughly and overtly compromised by glaring, institutional conflicts of interest tainting the entire legal process.

Truth vs. Power: Can Assange Win Against the American Security State?

No, this White House musing reads more like a feint to temper rising global outrage over the transparently repressive motives driving this entire sham deterrence spectacle. Far from an imminent victory lap, it signals the panicked flailing of a discredited American empire losing its once iron-clad chokehold on the narrative by which it perpetuates. When even deferential minion states like Australia voice public umbrage, you know the facade is splintering.

Let’s also not forget the full malignant context framing Assange’s continued captivity. Western wardens have colossally overplayed their persecutorial hand out of compulsive desperation to discourage any future revelations of their systemic malfeasance – from illicit wars of aggression to covert coups, torture regimes to mass surveillance deployed domestically and abroad. By excoriating their truth-telling Nemesis so openly and vindictively, they revealed the very boundless impunity and absence of accountability he first pulled back the curtain upon.

From Hero to Hostage: Julian Assange Deserves Exoneration

So while a temporary stay of this unconscionable circus would represent minor mercy from the depravities Assange has endured, anything short of complete exoneration and vigorous defence of his sanctified whistleblowing against their vengeful American captors remains irredeemable injustice. This dignified journalist’s very freedom remains abjectly held hostage until such rectitude manifests – Assange’s continued captivity casts a long shadow, silencing a vital voice and shrouding the truth in darkness.

For if the full revolutionary perspicacity Assange catalysed is not zealously defended, the future remains one of incremental descent into quasi-totalitarian obfuscation – a dystopian new normal of public redaction, classified truth, and pre-emptive self-censorship before the securocrat panopticon.

Pray this brief Biden hedging signals the beginning of the end to such drift, not cynical pacification. Should it not, the people worldwide owe Julian Assange a debt that can never be repaid save through their perpetual, unflinching solidarity until justice returns.

Tomorrow Julian Assange will have spent five years in Belmarsh high security prison. He has committed no crime…

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