In February 2019, Chris Williamson was suspended from the Labour Party for his comments about the party’s response to criticism over its handling of allegations of Anti-Semitism, reported the main stream media. Chris, a long term supporter of Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, had the audacity to suggest that to apologise for, “false allegations” was not actually a very good idea.

His crime was further compounded in the eyes of the political right for showing solidarity with others who had already been suspended. After a hearing, Chris was readmitted to the party. The right wing media, along with a gaggle of establishment and Blairite MP’s, then screamed like toddlers in tantrums over a dropped lollipop. Two days later the hierarchy of Labour’s leviathan suspended him again.

Get the Lefty out…

Right-wingers led the charge to permanently remove Chris Williamson from the Labour Party, after all the right-wing of the Party have never sat comfortably with its socialists, no matter how big the so-called broadchurch, even though it is much more spacious, it’s still uncomfortable to sit on the Left within the PLP.

A motion against Chris was signed by more than 120 Labour MPs and peers including, this petition was that was led by Tom Watson, Yvette Cooper, Margaret Hodge, Wes Streeting, David Lammy and Diana Johnson. Momentum founder, Jon Lansman was quoted as saying,” Williamson had not shown “one iota of contrition” after saying the party had been “too apologetic” in the face of criticism of the way it dealt with antisemitism within its ranks.” He completely ignored the fact that Chris Williamson had in fact made a full public apology for any offence that was circulated throughout the media. However we all know ‘ignorance is bliss for those who are sticking the boot in‘.

Sir Keir Starmer jumped on the bandwagon tweeting before Chris was re-suspended: “I do not understand the rationale behind the decision. The NEC should overrule it and refer it to the NCC.

The EHRC [Equality and Human Rights Commission] should also be invited to look at the specifics of this case.” It would have been hardly surprising if, Starmer had added, “Chris should then be hung, drawn and quartered with his head impaled on a pike outside Tom Watson’s office.” Such was the level of bile from Labour’s right wing.

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Today in this new book made up of an eclectic mix of chapters, writers and long term activists who have campaigned for years for a fairer society ask relevant questions on the very nature of democracy itself.

Their contributions range from those who reminisce on events past to those who suggest radical solutions. The title “A worm’s eye view “was suggested by Ian Charles Cockerham, a former chair of Leeds North East CLP. It encapsulates what these writings are about, a view from the grassroots of unsung heroes who give their time and work with no thought of reward.

The chapters range from: descriptions of personal experiences that formulated their views, suggested solutions to long lasting injustices, right through to historical perspectives on why these injustices occurred.

The book is cheaply priced at £12 INCLUDING postage and packaging. All orders will only be sent out when we have reached the break even point of 200 sales. If this is not reached then all payments will be refunded.

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