Coronavirus: Chesterfield NHS frontline workers get a rousing salute of the Blues and twos


Showing solidarity and support for NHS Frontline workers Chesterfield Police gave a heartfelt salute to NHS staff.

The national salute to honour the NHS staff working hard through the coronavirus outbreak was once again heard throughout the U.K. People on their doorsteps take the time to clap their support.

It just takes one minute standing on your doorstep to show the NHS and care workers that we appreciate the commitment, courage and selflessness that has been exhibited by all our health workers.

However Chesterfield’s Police officers took that minute a step further in showing appreciation for NHS staff at the Royal hospital.

This Thursday 8:00 o’clock clap turned into a salute and a rendition of the ‘Blues and twos’ followed by a convoy parade of the Hospital grounds. That short burst showed a moment of camaraderie giving tribute to the brave staff helping to lift spirits in this most trying of times. Well done Chesterfield Police!

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