Corbyn and the Labour Party being setup to play Patsy

Corbyn and the Labour
Corbyn and the Labour Party being setup to play Patsy

On the eleventh hour now it seems like we are entering a form of cross-Party talks that will lead to a consensus on how we leave the EU.

In a statement from Downing Street, Mrs May said she wanted to agree a plan with Mr Corbyn and put it to a vote in the Commons before 10 April – when the EU will hold an emergency summit on Brexit.

If they do not agree a single way forward, she proposed putting a number of options to MPs “to determine which course to pursue”.
The PM said: “This is a difficult time for everyone. Passions are running high on all sides of the argument, but we can and must find the compromises that will deliver what the British people voted for.

“This is a decisive moment in the story of these islands and it requires national unity to deliver the national interest.”

Let’s just take a step back remembering the words


Why now?
After all May’s entire handling of Brexit has been her own show, carried out in true EU fashion behind closed doors. Just Theresa May, Michel Barnier, Donald Tusk and the batches of corporate lobbyists who have been hard at work to ensure any future EU-UK trade deal delivers maximum benefits and as little disruption to them as possible.

Lobbyists from the financial sector – one of the key sectors to be negotiated – have been the most active of all, it seems. For them, the stakes are high. The financial sector based in the UK – often simply dubbed ‘the City of London’ – was instrumental in developing the EU rules on financial markets. Now their own access to that market is in peril, they have brought out the big lobbying guns.

Their lobbying offensive aims to influence a future trade deal between the two sides that promotes the interests of the financial sector, not just in London but in the EU27 member states as well. And their campaign represents a serious attack on regulation of financial markets in the public interest.

They include plans that would lead to weakened regulations and specific threats to the public interest, such as ‘special courts’ that allow banks to sue governments if they adopt rules the financial sector finds unfair. If such proposals become reality they could, for instance, be used by corporations to prevent a small tax on financial transactions (FTT), or to stop attempts to make big banks more safe, and leave governments open to paying out huge fines awarded by such investment courts.

Just ten years after the financial crisis, which was fuelled by the lack of robust regulations, any weakening of rules, or the creation of mechanisms that privilege corporations, would be very far from the public interest.

Financial Passporting is particularly important for London and the financial markets, as it allows firms to register once for a bank or other financial licence to trade across all EU countries. According to The Financial Times, 5,500 UK-registered companies rely on “passports” to do business in other European countries, and 8,000 EU/EEA financial services companies rely on single-market passports to do business in Britain.

Financial services: privileged access to negotiators

Politicians and officials in both Brussels and the UK have engaged heavily with financial services lobbyists since the June 2016 Brexit referendum.

UK ministers in charge of Brexit, for example, held nearly 20 per cent of their meetings with finance lobbyists in the early stage of the discussions (56 meetings in total between October 2016 and June 2017). To put this into context, more meetings were held on finance with corporate lobbyists than with all of civil society, on any issue.

Lobby group TheCityUK, which has coordinated the drafting of some of the City’s proposals, has had over two dozen meetings to discuss Brexit in 18 months with UK ministers and senior officials in the Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU) and the Treasury alone. This access has been supplemented by over a dozen meetings, dinners, and receptions attended by ministers hosted by TheCityUK’s parent body, the City of London Corporation.

Individual financial sector firms have also enjoyed significant access to government. American investment bank Goldman Sachs, for instance, has had over a dozen solo meetings with British ministers and officials, including two private dinners with Chancellor Phillip Hammond.* The position they want for maximum profits is there a best position to remain within the EU failing that the single market or a Customs Union with Close alignment to the single market.

Get out of jail free card
Get out of jail free card

Somebody’s got to play Patsy.

The City of London wants to remain within the EU the people voted to leave, MPs have not got the collective gonads to do the democratic thing and carry out their promise to respect the result of the referendum or stand by the manifesto they stood on in the 2017 elections.
At this point, we see an impasse when democracy free flow of capital and a desire for the status quo clash.

Parliamentarians are at the point of making themselves redundant in any future general election, both main political Parties are emerging support from leave constituencies due both to their lack of ability and transparency in their attempts to dilute leaving the EU to a customs union and close single market alliance.

Worst still the total betrayal of no matter which way you word it a second referendum. Not only a second referendum but one with a Hobson’s choice of May’s capitulation deal making the UK a vassal state or remain.

Now we get to the crux of the May’s olive branch and request for national unity. Have no doubt that any concessions any concord made between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May will come back and bite the Labour Party so hard I fear we would see the end of Corbyn along with the Left movement and a vision of a fairer society.

The Tories are in a state of chaos, more so than the Labour Party no matter what mainstream media would like you to think. No matter your position on leaving the EU there is only two people to blame and one Party ‘The Tory Party’.

On this I completely agree with Jean-Claude Juncker who branded David Cameron:


In my opinion, not for calling a referendum but for calling a referendum with the arrogance of thinking or in this case not thinking it would end up in a vote to leave. His lack of planning in the eventuality that the vote to leave the EU being the majority created was only the beginning of the chaos.

That was three years ago and no possible way does it get May off the hook. She fought hard for the position of prime minister, riding on a wave of rhetoric crying out soundbites to raise hackles of the masses “Strong and stable”,“Brexit means Brexit!” stomping down all dissension with a finality to her closing statements of “We will be leaving the EU on the 29th of March” However, here we are still members of the EU not one step closer to leaving the EU. To add insult to her loss of gravitas she is asking for yet another extension from the EU shifting the UK departure date up the road once again.

It is very clear this ‘remain’ prime minister lacks both the ability and the will to leave the EU. With the support of her predominantly ‘remain cabinet’ several hours of meetings later they have decided to go for the ‘Bate and switch’ option the ‘get out of jail free card’ used not only to create a softer Brexit or even no Brexit that card is ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ and the Labour Party.

Bringing Labour on board their sinking ship in the hope that Keir Starmer will push for a confirmation vote to any deal that in the case for national unity the house passed the single point of blame they will use to divert away from their own incompetence and unwillingness to carry out both the result of the referendum and their manifesto.

Labour will find themselves in exactly the same position they did after the financial crash, They are still blamed today 10 years on, if not in fact by the mud that sticks. Labour will become the Party that broke democracy to the millions of leave voting working class people.


If Brexit is to fail let it be the Tories that fail with it!

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