Bullingdon Boy Boris Johnson takes lead in Tory leadership race

The Bullingdon club of ‘87 with Mr Cameron and Boris Johnson

The UK seems set once again to witness the catastrophic effects of Etonian-elitist rule, another Bullingdon boy coverts the wooden bench. The iron throne of Westminster.

Cameron, Osborn now Johnson something stinks and its not the crackling of pork.

This illusion of democracy, a charade made to resemble fairness in a rigged system. In a modern democracy are we about to see using Boris Johnson’s own words “Without a mandate from the British people It is a scandal to move from one prime minister to another.”

Without a mandate from the British people It is a scandal to move from one prime minister to another.

The right and proper thing to do would be to call a General election immediately after the Tory leadership race, without the winner taking the position of Prime minister. We all know that fairness is not virtue of conservatism. The people will have to suck it and see for now.

Here goes and this is what we are stuck with, Boris Johnson has secured the highest number of votes in the first ballot to select the Conservative party leader and next prime minister.

Boris Johnson secured a comfortable lead in the Conservative leadership race’s first round of voting, as three candidates — Andrea Leadsom, Esther McVey and Mark Harper — were forced to withdraw.

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Results first ballot Tory leadership race. Courtesy of the BBC

The former foreign secretary, who is pledging to renegotiate Theresa May’s Brexit deal and to leave the EU with no deal on October 31 if unsuccessful, took 114 votes in the secret ballot of 313 Conservative MPs, well ahead of his nearest rivals Jeremy Hunt with 43 and Michael Gove with 37.

The last-placed candidate and those who received less than 17 votes in this round are automatically eliminated. Leadsom, McVey and Harper failed to reach the threshold, with 11, 9 and 10 votes respectively. The remaining candidates will now be seeking fresh endorsements from them and their supporters.

The next round of voting will be held on Tuesday next week, at which stage candidates with fewer than 33 votes will be eliminated. Further rounds of voting will be held with the last-placed candidate eliminated, until only two remain to face a ballot of approximately 160,000 Conservative Party members, with the winner announced in the week commencing July 22.

The results were: Boris Johnson with 114 votes; Jeremy Hunt 43; Michael Gove 37; Dominic Raab 27; Sajid Javid 23; Matt Hancock 20; Rory Stewart 19.

Johnson tweeted: “I am delighted to win the first ballot, but we have a long way to go.”

Stewart, the international development secretary, who had been expected by many to drop out at this stage, said: “We can win this. Realism, action, unity, trust.”

McVey said she would speak to the remaining candidates and “see who is best placed to deliver” on her agenda of “a clean break from the EU.”

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