Boris Johnson Hands Brother Jo Johnson Seat In House Of Lords and it stinks.

Boris Johnson Hands Brother Jo Johnson Seat In House Of Lords

Boris Johnson has handed his brother Jo, and several other allies, seats in the House of Lords.

Jo Johnson was on the list of new peerages nominated by the prime minister published on Friday.

It marks a swift return to parliament for the PM’s brother, who dramatically quit the Commons entirely last year in protest at Boris Johnson’s Brexit policy.

Jo Johnson campaigned for Remain in 2016 and was a public supporter of holding a second referendum.


Other names on the list of peerages include former England cricketer Sir Ian Botham and newspaper owner Evgeny Lebedev.

Former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has been made a peer, as have former chancellors Philip Hammond and Ken Clarke.

Nigel Dodds, the former deputy leader of the DUP, has been rewarded with a seat in the Lords.

Theresa May’s husband Philip has been handed a knighthood for “political service”

However, the prime minister has been criticised for ‘cronyism’ and abandoning a long-standing Conservative policy to reduce the size of the House, which will now have more than 800 members.

The SNP MP Pete Wishart said Mr Johnson was giving jobs for life to ‘friends and those who have done him favours’.

When the rewards for treachery is to be given a peerage it shows the entire system stinks

News that Ian Botham will receive a peerage is splashed across the broadsheets, why not, Sir Ian Botham is a former England cricket captain he helped raise £10m for leukaemia charities, he was knighted in 2007 by the Queen he played a massive 102 Tests for England from 1974 to 1993. He politically aware and also happens to be a Brexiter and a Tory.

Sir Ian Botham getting a peerage is what you would expect from a Boris Johnson Tory Government.

But what you do not expect is two former Labour MPs, John Woodcock and Ian Austin both to be honoured for their treachery.

It’s clear the entire system stinks and its corruption is transparently seen in the rewards former MP’s receive for their dirty deeds. Lead more click the image.

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