Bleak Times Ahead: Tories Target the Disabled


Shattered Compass: Tories’ New Low in the War on the Poor

Under draconian new proposals, hundreds of thousands stand to lose vital support payments of £390 per month. Those with severe disabilities, chronic pain, and mental health conditions will be forced to job hunt or face sanctions. The message is clear – no matter how unwell, the disabled must work or risk losing everything.

This represents yet another cruel attack on the vulnerable by a government that has completely lost its moral compass. It comes as no surprise that, having showered billions on its cronies through pandemic corruption and fraud, the Tories now seek to recoup those losses on the backs of the disabled.

Make no mistake, these measures targeting the sick are a direct consequence of the rampant swindling that occurred on the Conservatives’ watch. As the National Audit Office reports, some £21 billion has been lost to fraud since 2020, with little chance of recovery. The Tories rewarded their shady friends and donors with lucrative COVID contracts, turning a blind eye to epic graft. Now they come to strip meagre support from those undergoing chemotherapy or suffering severe depression.

There are currently about 3250 people examining benefit fraud while there are only 300 HMRC people examining the fraud by those that are wealthy tax dodgers. Many of whom give a lot of money to the Tory Party.
Why is it that there’s one law for the rich and one for the poor?

Former Labour MP Dennis Skinner

This Dickensian nightmare reveals the Tories’ true colours. They happily splurged on pandemic cronyism yet now demand the disabled pay the price. Does anyone truly believe stripping vulnerable people of vital support will magically create jobs for all? This is an ideological crusade to boost the benefit rolls, not compassionate policymaking.

And where is the opposition? Starmer’s Labour parrots the same old rhetoric about “responsibility” and the nobility of work. They offer no substantive alternative to Tory attacks on the disabled, merely promising more of the same with a friendlier face.

We appear doomed to repeat the bleakest moments in our history. The Elizabethan Poor Laws criminalised poverty, the Victorian workhouses crushed dignity. This Tory vision for the disabled evokes Britain’s darkest chapters.

Have we learned nothing from the past? Casting the disabled as “shirkers” may satisfy Tory ideologues but only exposes their warped morality. Any civilised society has a duty to support those who truly cannot work, not strip them of all security.

Both parties are in thrall to the reckless mantra that “work is the best route out of poverty.” This conveniently absolves them from improving poor working conditions and wages that keep people impoverished. We risk a bleak Dickensian future where draconian Poor Laws are used to torment the sick and needy.

Britannia holding the wolf of starvation
A cartoon depicting Britannia holding the wolf of starvation from the door of the Irish peasants. Illustrated by John Tenniel (1820-1914) an English illustrator, graphic humourist, and political cartoonist. Dated 19th century

As a society, we must resist this ruthless targeting of disabled citizens already struggling to survive. As costs of living soar, stripping away their lifeline benefits is an act of the utmost cruelty. It will swell the ranks of rough sleepers and compound the mental health crisis.

Britain now faces a stark choice about its future direction. Will we build a society based on compassion and care, or plunge headfirst into Dickensian squalor? If these plans are enacted, it signals a bleak new era of cruelty towards the disabled. Politicians who sanction such attacks do not speak for the British people, whose sense of decency and justice is far stronger than petty party politics allows.

Rather than scoring political points, we urgently need cross-party efforts to tackle the root causes of inequality and job insecurity. And investment in healthcare and social services that provide human dignity to all. We are at a crossroads – do we pursue a compassionate society, or sit idle as the disadvantaged are thrown to the wolves? There is still time to choose the right path, if we find the moral courage.

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